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We're taught not to by guess who.

I must say though, you don't see the Jews creating armies of Jews that meet on a battlefield and kill Jews.

We do. The Great White Mistake.

So, we're higher than niggers in that we don't kill each other in the street like they do, but we're lower than Jews in that we don't work together like they do.

This is our fault and we have to change that.

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Exactly. World wars 1 and 2 were our greatest mistakes. We killed so many of ourselves (and the high IQ Japanese) for what purpose? To bring democracy and let the low IQ masses invade and out vote the survivors? What a monumental waste of what precious few of us there are.

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Jews took over America with the Federal Reserve 1913 given to them by Woodrow Wilson the only President to be in the National Cathedral. So the Fed makes money when the US spends money. Biggest spender war, WWl then the IRS as collection agency for the FED. WWll was an extension of WWl. WW's = white genocide.

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WW1 was a set up between Jews in the UK/USA/France and Jews in Germany.

Who won WW1???

Jews finally managed to topple the Russian Empire and take control. Germany was broken and Jews gained even more power. Jews wiped out the best non-Jewish men in France and the UK. The Ottoman Empire was smashed and a group of donmeh Jews took control.

[–] TheSeer 2 points 4 points (+6|-2) ago 

There were puppet masters pulling the strings on both sides. This shit goes so far back. Even in 1848 they were already manipulating people, listening to what they wanted, but only so they could repeat back to them what they wanted to hear. This is where socialism/communism comes from. People knew something had to change, but they didn't know what or how. As a result, they got played.

Our greatest strengths are also our greatest weaknesses. Naive, generous/charitable, trusting. This was analyzed and used against us. Gave us things like 'diversity is our greatest strength' and the migrant crisis. Not to mention it prevented us from identifying the true problem(s).

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My grandfather told me the emperor of japan allowed the bombings because surrender over crushing defeat would have seen him ousted by his own people. According to him the u.s. accepted because it was preferable to fighting a war of attrition on an island full of savages thrown into absolute anarchy. The reason for two bombings: The first bombing didn't break them.

If what he told me is true, we chose the sane option.

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I tend to think that whites have empathy, whereas many people of other races didn't evolve that way. It's abused as our weakness. Being born into a capitalistic consumer society certainly doesn't help.

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Whites are being pushed into a situation where they are not majority in their area anymore. When cultures clash either the orginal people get wiped out or the newcomers driven away. History repeats itself. I'm betting on the whitey starting to hate again.

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exactly this. the soft lives our ancestors gifted to us made it easy to exploit our natural tendency for empathy toward others. it's likely our greatest downfall, and yet within our own societies its actually helpful. we've got to get back to the harsh reality of survival in an unforgiving world

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This is the right answer. If whites create an all white TV channel like BET we're racists. The jew has weaponized white pride through political correctness and white guilt although I never understood the latter because what the fuck do I have to feel guilty about? Jews owned slaves way out of proportion to their population. I never did and neither did my ancestors. The descendants of slave owners are the 1% today.

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Well said. All wars are fake bullshit.

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They do in rural areas. That's why we flooded them with Oxycontin, heroin, subutex and meth hahahahahaha Shaloms™✡️

[–] Keknado 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

Curses! Shakes fist vigorously I'll gas you next time Noseberg!

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When the whole Sackler clan gets the guillotine, I hope you get to do their last rites, Rabbi. L'Chaim.

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If only we had a president.....

[–] NosebergShekelman 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago  (edited ago)

One who wasn't flooding America with moar beaners than Obama...oh no wait! That's a good thing! America's browning will be awesome. Shaloms™ and praise Ben Shapiro

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We do. We help ourselves through churches and communities who are more involved.

[–] RoundWheel 1 points 34 points (+35|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Said, "like Jews help their own."

It's literally illegal for whites to do that. When whites do it, it's called discrimination.

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You win the big prize. That's exactly it.

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Churches that teach to never criticize or question the Jew?

501c3 organizations, subservient to the state?

[–] Goys-R-Us 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

Worse yet, churches that import mud people like Somalians.

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Churches are clueless about Jews. A couple of old white christian ladies came to the door yesterday handing out pamphlets. I said 'sorry, we're Jewish and we don't like Christianity".

They were totally deferential. They said 'how wonderful Judaism is, you believe in the same God, the same Old Testament'.

I'm not Jewish, but I was annoyed by this. I said 'look, Jews don't give two shits about the Pentateuch, or Old Testament as you call it. Judaism is based on the Talmud, which was written in 500 AD. I don't know what your pastor is telling you, but we really don't care about Moses and all that, it's just backstory. The fact is that our religions have nothing in common."

Their eyes bugged out, and we all said goodbye.

Christians think that Jews are some form of superior life, instead of the synagogue of Satan.

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Most Christians are not aware Christianity was made in opposition to the kikes.

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Lutheran is 97% white and 70 million members. Talk business in the back pews like joos do.

[–] ALIENS2222 1 points 15 points (+16|-1) ago 

Its illegal for us to do that...

[–] BlowjaySimpson 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago 

No it isn't.

[–] ALIENS2222 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago  (edited ago)

I am a white employer... 2 candidates arrive. One is black one is white. I choose the white guy not because of qualifications but because he is white (The only difference)... That is illegal. Now if I were black and chose the black guy because there are mostly white men in my organization and he is black (The only difference), no one would bat an eye and it would be legal.

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Because white people are actually diverse in our beliefs.

Muslims and Jews have clewr cut goals they all get behind.

White people tend to weigh more options which is a strength and a weakness.

High IQ is a burden.

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also cubans, puerto ricans, african-cannibals all have special interest groups!

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I do it as much as possible. Research the businesses you patronize.

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For real. Look around. It’s easy to see who’s your dentist, who owns the bbq place, and on.

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We need to start supporting conservative culture creators too. Esp. ones that are not well established yet, new authors, etc.

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Be the change you want to see. Inspire other people like yourself. Dont abandon your daughters, your wifes, your weak and your tired.

Dont blackpill yourself, as dark as this hour is; its not darker its not as dark as some of the hours in history.

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We need more of this attitude.

[–] PMmeforStalagEdition 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 


We need more of Mosley.

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Because we aren't taught from birth that we are gods chosen people and that if we defend each other we will one day enslave everyone else.

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