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A year ago my neighborhood hired a lawyer to block the development of a concrete migrant labor hydro farm or some shit. Right in the middle of actual farm land.

There's already talk of needing to do that again if 5G towers start getting put up in our area. I love my neighborhood. All the kids and parents are always outside and active. All parents are hotties and married. There's one fat kid but he's getting into football and wrestling so really starting to train into beast mode. Been inspiring to see the little guy (13ish yrs old) make that transition.

No need to guess the race of my neighborhood. We all know it.

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Understand this CONCEPT. Your existence can be quantified in data.

I'll break it down further...

Imagine the these two items unique to you. Mass , brain waves. Imagine now a signal robust enough to "scan" these attributes.

Still with me?

Now imagine 5 acres of super computer infrastructure (utah) analyzing and saving the dragnet scan. One could see pretty quickly what happens here. You are a living cache and cookies to be scanned tracked and targeted.

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Buddy of mine is working on AR, talking like a madman about privacy.

He's running around saying, "You don't understand, it's all cameras. Everything is under surveilence. Your hands, your eyes, your face, your gait. You can't look at something without us knowing. We know how long you looked, we know if your pupils dilated. We have the science to know what that means. We know the desires of your heart and can use it to sell you anything."

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We already have power company execs admitting they are making more money selling customer data, than selling the actual electricity. Customer data and customer intelligence; the hooked noses are rubbing their hands in their board rooms at the upcoming possibilities.

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Mass , brain waves. Imagine now a signal robust enough to "scan" these attributes.

You have no idea what you are talking about.

5G will allow for deployment of 4K cameras everywhere that can be battery / solar powered and stream to a server that can track you. This has nothing to do with brain scans.

edit: listening devices too. Microphones and what not.

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Lolwhat. If you want to take a picture of the brain with any usable detail, you need an MRI or a CT scan. And even then there is no accessing your thoughts and memories. I am concerned about 5G - but only because the Chinese want to use it as an excuse to spy on us up in Canada with the dumbest PM of all time.

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Here's your red pill on the 5G situation (very alarming): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol3tAxnNccY
5G is big brother and total control, to an extent we are not even able to imagine. It's also a useful weapon for killing off the goyim and making them sterile.

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Get your EMP cannons ready!

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This is actually possible and could messs up their hardware BUT they would just triangulate ya and arrest you.

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Once they start going up we need to vandalize every one we see. They're in it for the money, once it's clear they will be fighting a loosing war 5G will be dead.

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Triangulate after the fact? No chance

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Only if you stay at the same location long enough. A parabolic antenna would direct the power to the 5G transmitter. Triangulating that would be hard unless they happened to be there at the same time.

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You got any plans for one? I'd love to have one of those handy :)

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If I see them in my area, I will shoot them.

Don't need to talk much, when we have already decided on the course of action.

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What about when they are intergrated into street lights so you don't notice them? or this.....https://twistedsifter.com/2012/08/examples-of-cell-phone-tower-disguises/

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The giant power boxes at the base gives them away

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Shoot them too.

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They're easy to find when you know what to look for. They still need large broadcasting antennas.

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Yes, but shooting them makes them never work again.

Therefore, I will shoot them.

From 40-50m using a suppressed .22

Zero chance of being seen, or heard.

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cause 5G is chinese technology, and the next wave of power was introduced: http://vizivtechnologies.com

wireless power source.

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Exactly, just like in Julian Assange's last broadcast when he mentioned the internet of things and "smart dust" which can be put in anything from paper to paint and is powered wirelessly

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He mentioned smart dust?! Like... Morgelons?

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so let them continue talking about 5G, it's worthless once this is started up.

I like that hacking something can potentially disable the wireless networks.

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No they spray aluminum dust in the air and shock it with Haarp radio waves.

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Funny thing is that there are technologies for 100x faster wireless communications than 5G, that don't require going down to millimeter band. What a waste of money.

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what technologies are those?

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carrier-peak/zero modulation encodes more than one bit per oscillation

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I am. Did lots of research on the subject when they forced the installation of smart meters everywhere. 5G is way worse. Conclusion is that Im moving out of the city.

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What about when it comes to the rural areas too? (this will not only be in cities, the plans are to have this all across America). Plus one of the steps is the huge amounts of satellites which will be used to beam this everywhere. We'll be saturated in it no matter where we live (except exclusion zones).

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5G has an effective range of about half a mile at most. It will absolutely not be effective or useful in rural areas. Look up the inverse square law and what 5G actually is. If you have a wall in front of you (or a few trees) it's almost completely blocked.

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What does it do to the body?

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No reliable studies have been concluded about 5G or terrahertz bands that we know of. There are alleged "conflicting" reports about the latter (TSA scanner) most of which say "carcinogenic". Microwave bands are proven carcinogenic, so is UV and some bandwidths in radio, namely radars because they have high power.

Basically, photons, or light, pass through your body and do little to effect it. Low energy radio typically passes through you or stops if it hits an atom on your clothes or epidermis.

Low energy particles that collide with your cells almost immediately dissipate and do little harm to your atoms. Though it has been proven that light does react with atoms, and high energy particles can alter chemical bonds, and ionizing radiation, the bad kind, steals your electrons, effectively ripping apart bonds (may cause cancer or burns).

In essence, the more light exposure you have, IE, more power (more photon bombardment) and higher energy spectrum (more energized photon), the more it changes atoms, or fucks them up. It's chaos math theory when being exposed to light and how it hits your atoms. Basically, it's chance combined with levels of exposure. Same goes for ionizing radiation. You can be exposed to low levels of gamma and walk away, but prolonged exposure has permanent effects on your DNA.

edit: being that we are talking about radio, radar technicians in the Navy are taught the dangers of being around active radar. It can kill you. The high levels of EMF can knock you unconscious and kill you dead. That's because it's high power, more photons. You have much more light exposure on a low frequency. Your atoms get bombarded repeatedly, and you have a higher risk of cells getting excited to the point of physical harm to your body.

That's why the FCC is an agency, and electronics are so heavily regulated. You can kill people with certain frequencies and power levels if you are not careful. The FCC was envisioned to prevent mad scientists killing towns from the mountain tops, that and censor news and communications.

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5G is pretty useless. It will require towers almost ever 4 ~ 5 street lamps apart. It's garbage tech.

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and that's why it raises questions

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Very worried... but I live in the sticks in a metal sided building. Hoping that these things will not be bullet proof.

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Rural communities will be effected too. The metal sided building may be a negative instead of a plus. I hope it's not too bad also.

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