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Lol. His life's sacrifice was for our sins. Are you willing to give your life for those who know no not what they do? Nobody's perfect these days and nobody will be. Just be the best of you. If don't know what that is, challenge yourself to find out!

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Grew up in the church but have no formal "training" so I'll answer with what I was taught:

What does Jesus dying have to do with our sins being forgiven? Couldn't god just say "your sins are forgiven"? I don't understand what his son dying has to do with sins being forgiven? What is the connection?

Back in the day, they were commanded to make a "smoke offering". Basically, guy the best animal your family could afford and burn it on the altar at the temple. God sending Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice. It would make it so that all sins were forgiven already and thus the need to burn grain and animals was already taken care of.

Satan or Beelzebub was a good angel at one time. (I believe he was in charge of the choir in heaven) He got it into his head that he was an equal to God so he was cast out of heaven. And when he was cast out of heaven, he went down to where the earth was. (formless and void) This sort of forced God to create Earth because he created the light to force the Devil from where he was.

Yes, he knew the Devil was going to betray him but he created him anyways.

Couldn't god just kill the devil?

He could, but I'm not exactly sure why he didn't. I believe it has something to do with free will. It isnt free will if there is only 1 choice. Make sense?

Why is the devil in control of earth if god is almighty?

He isn't truly "in charge". God allows him a certain amount of freedom to influence us to sort of force us to use our free will. Neither God nor the Devil can force us to do anything. They can only entice or influence us to follow the path they lay before us.

I'm sure there is plenty of people out there who can make a better answer but this is the shit that was drummed into my head since I was a wee lad.

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Thank you for your answers. I'm honestly trying to figure these things out, and it's disheartening when Christians just call me stupid or uneducated in response. :)

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God was always really interested in blood sacrifice.

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Are you 12 years old? Because you sound like a 12 year old trying to sound intelligent

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If they are immature questions, then surely you can answer them? Resorting to ad hominems doesn't distract me from you not answering the questions.

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Have you read the whole bible?

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I've probably read most of it in bits and pieces, but if you have, could you answer these questions for me?

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Atheism is illogical, but Christianity is mostly nonsensical.