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Who are you trying to fool? You don't look for women. You look for kids.... pedophile.

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2D girls aren't real, for starters.

[–] XSS1337 ago 

31 day old account

[–] OrdinaryFaggot ago 

Thanks for the age check. I've been on team 2D for more than a month though.

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Maybe you need to be a good man first.

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Because they're incredibly fucking rare, so rare that it's a fool's quest to waste your life trying to find one.

Worse, it's impossible to know if you found a fake one until it's far too late. Considering the dangers of finding a bad one, why risk it?

[–] Granite_Pill ago 

The Law of Supply and Demand explains this.

[–] metalraven ago 

God: One righteous man have I found. A righteous woman, never have I found.

Good luck in your search.

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They're not. Be a good person and go to the right places. Don't spend too much time internetting, it will rot you.

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This. (I would upvote you if I had a limit left).

OP, look in places where good people are more common, not on tinder. Go to church?

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Spam account

Fuck off kike