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40 million people died from the flu in 1918-1919. Do you know why that many people didn't die from in the last 30 years? Vaccines. It is a bias that has caused the anti-vaxxer epidemic. We don't live in a society with deadly communicable diseases so we have a disbelief that vaccines are necessary or work. We don't get a Smallpox vaccine because it was wiped out in the early 70s. It didn't go away by itself. If your child gets sick from one of the covered diseases you will beat yourself up for not having that child immunized. Nothing is harder as a parent then seeing your child hurt or ill. Knowing that you could have prevented it only makes that worse.


[–] Rainy-Day-Dream 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

it's fine to believe this but it's wrong to want the government to enforce it, people should have freedom in their medical choices


[–] NotTheMeanest ago 

Imagine seeing your child injured or dead from a vaccine you twerp.


[–] SparklingWiggle ago 

I have children. I have had them vaccinated for everything except STDs and taught them the value of not being a whore. They are all healthy, smart to the point of being labeled gifted, and have no signs of the un-qualified conspiratorial bullshit spread in this post. I've done research to the white paper level and know that this fear mongering retardation will harm people.