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it's not odd to notice when people don't behave like niggers domestically or jews internationally.

the chinese do steal some of our shit though..

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the chink stealing shit at least is capable of being a capitalist.

the jew just sort of cheats with interest and fiat money

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kikes stole the promis software... oh they do steal

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the chinese do steal some of our shit though..

Fucking "some"? Have you paid attention to how they operate? Anyone with a Chinese passport might as well be considered a spy.

[–] kingdomhearts123 ago 

O I know... I was drawing the distinction between the Chinese and other East Asians

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the chinese are acting like jews internationally

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Eeh they didn’t do a 9/11 yet... that’s kind of a sticking point for me

[–] GoyimNose ago 

israel steals it and gives it to china

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I don't have a drop of east Asian blood in me, but I am extremely pro-east Asian.

I don't love them more than I love my own people, but that is a matter of personal taste. I don't want our civilization flooded with them to the detriment of our own culture and legacy, but I similarly think they should have the right to live among and rule themselves without unnecessary interference.

For me, what it comes down to is civilization. As far as I can tell, whites and east Asians are the only people who were ever capable of building complex, productive, long-lasting civilizations that progressed the capacities of humanity. Everyone else was either too stupid to get beyond subsistance farming, or couldn't keep a stable enough culture to last beyond the short anomaly of civilized society, or require parasitism of stronger civilizations to even exist. Nobody else could conquer the stars on their own.

And you can see that these are inherent traits, because they are generally reflected in communities built among foreign cultures. Sub-Saharan black communities have the same problems in Africa as America as the UK etc etc, unless their communities are forced by outsiders to function differently, generally speaking. And, as soon as outsiders stop forcing their communities to behave a particular way, they go back to building African communities with the common issues of African societies. Of course there are differences in individuals, and different societies vary in notable ways; in broad strokes, however, they consistantly build their world in a way that is identifiably different from the trends of everyone else.

That isn't really an indictment of blacks, since the same seems to be true of every other major genetic branch of humanity, in their own way. However, given our traits and histories, I think east Asians and whites make natural allies in many contexts. And regardless of that, knowing something of their history and communities, I just think they merit respect.

Frankly, if we can't overthrow the Jews and the West collapses, I'm counting on east Asians to carry the torch of civilization and human progress alone until we can rise again, despite the issues they face at the moment.

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I feel similarly. East Asians have rebuilt their countries once they had a period of peace. What happened in the other countries after decolonization? What is happening to South Africa, Baltimore, Detroit? Why is Haiti Haiti? I promise you North Korea once peace is achieved, will catch up with S.Korea, Japan and China.

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What is the typical stereotype of Asian? Hardworking, proud people who focus a lot on their children's education and striving to achieve the best results. How can anyone find fault with that?

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babes... news flAsh... caucAsians are Asians... europe is a geographic areA on the continent of Asia... and surprise surptise eAst Asians and weSt Asians have compatible cultures...!!!

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East Asian here. It's because we don't rape your women and children, behead anyone, blow things up or riot. We entertain with our superior LoL, StarCraft, Anime, Kpop, etc. It's safe for outsiders to visit our countries, our marriages with whites are usually successful. We are fellow northern climate peoples, and therefore high-IQ and more K (on the r/K spectrum). We don't ask for reparations or welfare. Just leave us alone to take care of our own stuff.

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That's because largely the asians are respectable people. The Chinese are a bit fucked but the rest are fine.

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The Taiwanese are not fucked at all, and they are primarily the same people genetically, so it seems communism fucked the PRC.

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Communism destroying China's traditional culture and structure is an absolute travesty. A rich history for 4,000 years that will never fully recover.

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Agreed. Ive been saying for years the Chinese would probably straighten out under a capitalist system.

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Asians mirror all the things we love about White people (order, intelligence, beauty, industriousness, etc.), while exhibiting the opposite of all the things we hate about Blacks, Muslims and Jews (chaos, hatred, ugliness, ignorance, manipulative, low moral characters, etc.)

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I'm usually the token white guy with certain groups of friends.

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that's pretty cucked

[–] polygeek ago 

What, all your friends always look and think like you?

I have groups of white friends too...

[–] Soyboy69 ago 

Depends if he gets first dibs on the white women or not.

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This site is basically all US based connections. There's some from Ireland, UK, France, etc. I think the only memorable outliers was a very small percent of aussie, but it's been quite some time since I've seen the stats.

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plenty of asians live in the US, it's a valid question

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I never challenged that...

Keep in mind, China has deployed for quite some time now certain elements of its intelligence apparatus in order to sway opinions about the nation.

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