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I will wait until I get a report from the investigation. It does no one any good to jump to conclusions.

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Yes. That cathedral has stood for centuries. Everyone knew it was made out of wood, so i would wager that the white frenchmen would take precautions to not set the damn place ablaze. But then the muzzies come along and the place burns down. And you see all these muzzies laughing on social media.

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idk, they were doing renovations on it. It could from construction stuff.

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I've done a lot of construction.

It has never involved setting the building on fire.

They have been torching and desecrating churches all over Europe for years.

You're a fucking moron if you think this was an accident.

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and TBH my first thought muslims at first. But, really its way to early to know yet. But I doubt they admit if it was muslims and blame it on construction

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I said i didn't know, and that could be from that.

I've done a lot of construction.

It has never involved setting the building on fire.


it happens


plus i read an article that it was known, I think, that the spire needed serious help.

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I think it could be anything. Terrorism usually comes with a big BOOM, not a fire.

Best guess is that it had something to do with the renovation work, bad panel, welding equipment not maintained, etc.

Remember the Smithsonian burned down, destroying all of Smithson's papers, because the chimney the workers were using for heat while they worked in the cold actually emptied into the attic, not into the open air.

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I'm open to anything at this point. Terrorism. Accident. Insurance fraud. Not much to go on at this point.

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How can we POSSIBLY know this at this point? We'll just have to wait and see what's reported after some investigation progress.

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It was either terrorism. Or (((electrical fire))). Its a priceless building that's stood forever. One of those 2 is responsible.

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