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Make your own money, and you'll never get fired.

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The only real option. If more people became entrepreneurial they would realize how much power they have to chart the course of their lives.

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How do we accomplish this, legally?

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Never use your real name on social media or email accounts. I thought this was common knowledge, but have experienced otherwise.

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Change your email and other stuff. Yes they can dig, but it's one more layer of abstraction. You can perform a full internet ID switch by writing down peoples contact information, closing all accounts, and starting fresh. It's a generally good idea to do this every couple of years.

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And delete as much as possible.

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I have been in tech for 20 years you actually don't need to worry unless you are talking about personal morals being compromised for feeling like being decivious untruthful. Your boss' aren't looking you up because they don't want you looking them up.

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Like others here have posted, burners. You don't put your name to your views, it's enough that they're out there.

Do what the kikes do, use cut outs and have the ability to plausibly deny everything.

Keep up the good fight, but do it smart.

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when you are at work only talk about things that are work related?

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Find something you like to do, acquire tools and some balls, go out on your own. Or just work for white guys who aren't complete cucks. I was just working for a dude who refuses to hire niggers and says shit like 'act like a white man'. I never talked to him about it, and he kept it under wraps, but you could tell he lived in the country cause he didn't like niggers. Good guy to work for, I'll be calling him next winter when my business slows down again.

Don't use your phone number to sign up for twitter with a username like KILLALLNIGGERS, if anyone has your number in their phone and the twitter app you'll show up in their lists.