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I talk shit to people on the internet, you want to fight about it dumbass?

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You are a small drop of water in a larger tide that ebbs away and flows in, guided by other forces. The political world is all smoke and mirrors and very often history is not what it seems, when I see something shocking I try not to let it bother me too much. Every once in a while I might take a break, go back to having a weekend, hang out try play a song, watch an old movie, drink wine & paint, play some game, go out socialize have a brew but yes the life of the poet, comedians they all make sense now, the system is corrupt entirely not sure if it can be changed without violence loss of life, I hope it changes, I guess you have to let go and laugh otherwise it can drive you crazy. At least 80% of the world are sheep but you only need about 2%-4% of a crowd to change things. Eventually the world itself will be woke. The alt media guys like AlexJones, George Carlin, Bill Hicks, David Icke, Joe Rogan, the kid hackers were the start of it, its going to continue.

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Them's fightin' words you son of a bitch

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Joe Rogaine isn’t alt right. He’s a liberal.

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It's 3.5%, according to Sir Oswald Mosley

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Alex Jones is literally gay, he looks at trans porn.

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This is also my go to. I always find myself "trolling" people after a while. Lotss of niggas on voat need to be brought down a few pegs.

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the white supremacist christian types are the worst. they're some fat inbred fuck who thinks they are gods chosen race. It's pathetic.

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What the fuck did you just say about me, you little bitch?

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I chuckled when I read your post. Then I literally spit coffee on my pants when I read your username. Bahahaha. Have an upvoat and keep doing God's work.

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You focus on making your life better in any way you can. You might not be able to change the world. You can change yourself at least.

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What if ((their)) idea of the World infringes on my personal space?

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It does for all of us. I am talking about little things, like being nice to people. If you do that for a while, some will start to copy your behavior. Before you know it, your little part of the world will be acting slightly better. Or you learn something new to cook. Or how to cook if you can't. You start working out, or improve your workouts by finding better exercises. You know what you would like. Can you make yourself happier?

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That is why we need a "critical mass" number of us awakened. Have you ever read Dan Brown's book Lost Symbol? It does apply. Interesting book.

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  1. I cannot help but thank the Lord every day i am white - not black, brown, arabic or Jewish.
  2. I am so happy the Lord gave me the skills and fate to be able to grasp the full picture.
  3. Every moment of your life contains the whole timespan of your life.
  4. If things/people get all too clownish, i compare it to Idiocracy, the latter dropping far behind, which gives me a kek.
  5. I do and craft and repair everything myself - neither carpenters nor psychiatrists nor bureaucrats nor mudslime taxi drivers etc etc etc needed.

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You thank a Jewish Lord that you're not Jewish? hmm...

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If i was Jewish i maybe would thank him for being Jewish - enigma solved?

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implying everyone who worships the one true God of Abraham directly worships Jesus lol. Not everyone's a Christian retard

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I am hispanic and I identify myself 99.99% with your comment. I would rephrase number three: "Every moment of your life contains the whole timespan of your existence." I am going to write that down. Upvoat.

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Zhank you! I am happy to be white and i respect non-whites the most if they are happy/glad to be Hispanic, or whatever, btw. The NWO has distorted the sensical meaning of pride of your race to the meaning of racists. No, this pride is LOVE, of one's own race, homeland and culture.

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fuhrers birthday coming up soon, cant wait

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One more year until the MONTH of Hitler!

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Crazy Upvoat Synchronicity...


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double 4/20 celebration

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Weed doesnt work anymore. Its so potent now it just makes me anxious and paranoid. Even very low dose is too much.

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Then get weaker strains. Weed is so genetically diverse at this point, you should have no issue finding something just for you. Especially if you live ina. Free state.

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Get THC distillate? I know this sounds like an opposite-solution to your problem, but it strips away a lot of the other stuff which contributes to such problems. Pure liquid thc. A one-gram syringe lasts me months. Hits clean and smooth every time.

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Dude weeeed

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wear a cape. it commands respect

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i've been considering an enigmatic hoodie, that's totally not an ominous cloak gone civilian clothing. i like the costume suggestion

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you could make a cape with a hood.

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Been meaning to get one of these — https://i.imgtc.com/63HpCL9.jpg

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Lift weights. Do it! Do it now! Stop whining! The world is a joke, but that's no excuse for you to be.

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The more you lose respect for your fellow man (of which 70% is insane) by being mistreated, and the more you look after your own interests first and provide value, the more money you make and it will make everything funnier and happier, because money is energy for humanity. Get lit.

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Charity is vanity. Its an endless pit of waste. Real charity is raising a family.

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Great advice. I push my employer to take care of me and my family properly, and justify it by kicking ass at my job.

Focusing on what I can do to improve the life of my family helps to not focus on the things in the world I can't fix.

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My best suggestion is to keep yourself grounded in reality. Never stop practicing or trying to learn new practical skills.

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