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The phenomenon of uploading every piece of minutiae to social media platforms satisfies the desire to speak at length to any significant event in one’s life because it is assumed all of us desperately follow one another’s every waking moment.

I don’t participate and so have come to find that sincere ignorance of another friend’s day to day is a genuine curiosity. Some find joy in reliving their events, some find annoyance how anyone could remain so clueless. For the latter, I find myself asking the same of them but in matters of importance and know that they will be the first to be consumed by the reckoning

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Me: what's up, dude.

Them: just got done watching Jew Movie #567 at theater.

Me: cool, what was it about?

Them: idk, you have Google, right?

The normal, healthy, person to person conversation is dead.

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Jew Movie #567

That's a real classic and one of my favorite silent films. I can't even keep track of what jew movie they are on nowadays, I think it's it's somewhere in the tens of thousands.

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normie friends are bad friends. modern media giving bad values

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So true. Everything normal is polluted

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This happened/happens when I talk to my mom on the phone. Every call has a moment of me saying, "Wait...when did that happen?" Followed by it was on kikebook with the reminder I don't use kikebook.

People are stupid and social media is part of the problem.

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lmao wow. I had no idea people were relying on those services that bad.

that. is. fucking. pathetic. no wonder no one has anything to say. although I suspect it's more than that people legitimately aren't doing exciting things.

I went on a trip across the world last year and I didn't post any of the pics online, and I showed people them in person and had a great time talking for hours.

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Yes, time to progress to an unconnected world once again

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This was me eight months ago. Fiancee dumped me because she'd been brainwashed by strong independent women movies, but not before duping me into getting a year lease on an apartment in a shitty fucking part of town with nothing to do. I didn't care though, because we were going to have a family and settle down.

After she dumped me, I sat in that apartment alone until some friends, who were just as static, unhealthy, and depressed, invited me to live in their mold den. During this time, I realized how disconnected everyone is. No one goes outside, only a handful of bums use the sidewalk, there's barely anywhere to meet people, and even people at college just wanted to get in, and get out.

To solve this, I started hiking the Appalachian trail, and working on communal, organic farms. It's been so much fun, and it's a thousand times better than the real world.

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To solve this, I started hiking the Appalachian trail, and working on communal, organic farms. It's been so much fun, and it's a thousand times better than the real world.

Your old life was living in a fake world that was merely marketed as being "real". Congratulations on making yourself a place in the real real world.

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I already knew all this, but actually breaking away from it can be terminal. You either succeed, or you become homeless. My ex fiancee continues to be trapped, now one year away from thirty, chasing a phantom, and soon to be a bare, wasted womb, because she doesn't know she's trapped. It's sad how many people have been lost in this psychological prison called society.

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it's a thousand times better than the real world.

Never forget that this is exactly what they want to take from us. Our connection with the natural order. The real world you mentioned represents the globalist world, they want to build, where everyone is identity-less and disconnected from each other in endless pursuit to fill the void with capitalistic trash. That is what the jewish lifestyle is about...living inside a prison of your own making, and seeing the outside world as the enemy.

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That IS the real world. Consider what is a construct and what isn't. Perceptions have been flipped. Kudos to you.

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No one goes outside

Why would they? nothing to do anyway.

only a handful of bums use the sidewalk

Because our glorious leaders have seen fit to import millions of savages and it's no longer safe to walk the streets.\

there's barely anywhere to meet people

Because women control the dating market and it's more advantageous for them to use dating sites where they'll get their pick from thousands of men who are interested in them.

even people at college just wanted to get in, and get out.

And why wouldn't they? the collage mentality should be no different than the wage slave mentality.

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Western communities have digitized and disconnected. In addition they have diversified and the social fabric that builds connections on a shared culture have been torn. Millennials are attempting to use nostalgia to foster these relationships digitally, but fail constantly to make lasting connections because of the very nature of digital systems to not repeat exposure. Neighborhoods are no longer for having neighbors, everyone hates their neighbors and avoids talking to them. Say your house caught fire, could you knock on a door and be welcomed into that home? Say your neighbor's house caught fire, would you open your home? Becoming hermits and digital nomads are modern social trends.

There are a number of reasons for this. Diversity proving to lack empathy across ethnic groups and increase violence in a community. Cover your ass mentality, protect yourself first because the internet is forever. Men get this the worst because women constantly are proving they will destroy your life to get a leg up, #MeToo. Transient populations: university students, young professionals, drug addicts, immigrants, illegal aliens all move to the greenest grass and fail to build a community. Loss of home ownership particularly in 2008 caused communities to lose social connections and destroy community safety nets. No fault divorce and single motherhood has changed the perception of family and alienated families. In addition cheating has never been easier to prove (thanks tinder / facebook and text messages), including proving children were sired in adultery. Growing population forcing people to ignore most of those surrounding them. Being always on call, always working, always busy has forced people to forget about slow long term social interactions. Don't forget the mental illness and medication disrupting social interaction, making them overall less enjoyable.

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And something that was never addressed when we were sold the notion that "these digital communication networks will connect you like never before", is that human communication is much more than just talking - so much more. In fact, the physiological aspects of our communication, mediated through the vagal nerve system (dorsal and ventral), actually require us to have visual and physical stimulus from people.

The Trivagal model of the human nervous system's organization is fascinating and puts our nervous system into a sociological perspective.

We co-regulate each other, and part of that means being in proximity and sharing actual time together. It's what keeps our stress systems minimized.

And we wonder why everyone is always "talking" on their phones today, but everyone is anxious and depressed.

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In short...how to systematically destroy a nation.

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Profit at any cost, goyim.

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Being always on call, always working, always busy has forced people to forget about slow long term social interactions

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If I may ask, how old are you? the reason why I am asking this is that there seems to be - personal observations of friends and acquaintances - a big change that happens around mid twenties to mid thirties : at least for those people who ‘settled down’ into a comfy somewhat boring routine; i.e., wife, job, paying bills, etc. For one thing they no longer do anything terribly exciting or new, and don’t have much time not care to talk about it, and narrow down their circles of friends (especially the ones with kids who only hang out with other people with kids); and when you try to tell them about your projects and dreams and life they kinda look down on you condescendingly as someone who hasn’t grown up yet... kinda depressing really; they eventually get back in touch later on, after their first (and subsequent) divorces, and/or when the shit hit their fan...

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Can you execute on your dreams or projects?

Not trying to knock you, I'm similar to you in I used to find it hard to get ppl to engage. Most are NPCs and just can't engage that way but some can and will help you execute on them if you can find them.

Anyway got off point, forget talking about your projects, execute on them and look for ppl worth being friends with during that process

You'll find them in the places where successful people hang out.

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when you try to tell them about your projects and dreams and life they kinda look down on you condescendingly as someone who hasn’t grown up yet...

They haven't realized that if they do more than the bare minimum day to day they'd have time to do other shit instead of just loafing about watching tv or playing games.

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Miserable prick. I wouldn't be interested in being friends with anyone eagerly anticipating the breakdown of my marriage either.

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I am not eagerly awaiting the break down of their marriages - people who only remember you when their lives go to shit are not people with whom I want to spend my time.

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Do you really give a damn? Really?

If you really do, get on FakeBook and stalk them, comment on every post they make, especially the bullshit ones and watch their reaction. You may have many acquaintances but probably friends you can count on one hand and several of those are family. Take care of your own, try to cut out all the bullshit and mind your business. It works.

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Oh, I am pretty sure nobody I know would want me commenting on their bullshit virtue signaling and hollow lives.

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They're all at home shitposting.

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I know right?

Them: What'd you do in March bro?

Me, awkwardly: Listened to hundreds of hours of Nazi youtube streams

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Calm before the storm.

Buy food.

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Yeah no shot everyone's broke and depressed and ready to kill . It's war time.

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it’s war time.

Maybe get outside once in a while - it’d do wonders for your sense of reality.

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What are you even saying? YOU of all people.

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You’ll have plenty of food to give to the birds then. And enjoy the lack of meaningful appreciation on the silver you hoard.

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You may be retarded.

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Weeks .......... HA HA HA ..... you kids are funny

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