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He dindu nuffin.

He don't want to be a part of the nwo, Hebrews won't allow it. Everything you heard he has done was probably perpetrated by mossad.

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He wasn't prepped for the throne, so to speak. His older brother was supposed to succeed his father as president, but he died and this guy was an ophthalmologist in London. So I actually highly respect the guy for one: stepping up to the plate, two: actually doing an okay job at it, how many western leaders that are now out of office said "he had to go"?

And I don't care about lack of universal suffrage or multiparty elections too much when we are talking about Islamic countries where people would vote Sharia law in, strong man dictator-lite that keeps the druze, Christians and other minorities alive is obviously superior to "liberal western values" in such a scenario.

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Universal suffrage has led to the downfall of the west.

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Bashar Al Assad and his father Hafez Al Assad before him have done a good job of keeping the peace among the various groups that live in Syria.

They both protected religious minorities from genocide from more powerful groups, and tried to raise the culture and standard of living for Syrians.

So, of course we need to get rid of them.

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All I know is that interview he did a few year back with Charlie Rose.

Rose looked like a bumbling idiot child compared to al Assad and I've been sympathetic to Assad's Syrian government ever since.

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The media always looks like and idiot in every interview with him, yet they never learn.

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Seems like a pretty decent dude to me. MSM lies like hell about him, but if you ever listen to him talk he makes a hell of a lot more sense than those who oppose him. Plus if he had an election tomorrow Syrian would vote for him like no western policrat can even dream of.

If he isn't murdered he will probably be handing off his position to someone else about the time things calm down and the infrastructure of Syria is restored.

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Can't Mossad the Assad!

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He's pretty tame for a third world dictator. Not great or terrible. Just bad. That's as good as it'll get in the Shitty East.

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Yeah, totally convincing bro. Keep dropping them troofs for us you fucking retard.

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Was my comment really something to get ass mad over?

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He looks good in a suit and I like how he drives himself around.

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