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I would convince Hitler not to invade Poland and just spend a decade or so building up greater Germany and improving his technology.

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I was thinking more on the lines of getting Thomas Jefferson to explicitly ban the jews and islam

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Jew were banned in the colonies other than Rhode island.

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Spend more time building relations with America.

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Make sure to tell him to actually gas the kikes.

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They're going to say you did it anyway.

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Abort OP before birth

Falcon punch mother if necessary

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My mom would have loved that!

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I would go back about 4 hours and turn off the stove....

I got home from work around 1;00 am this morning. Cracked a beer, started watching the Chinese Grand Prix.

Hungry I decided to put four eggs in a pot, fill with water, turn stove on high..., grab another beer.., go back to watching race..

Soooo fucking boring I decided to have a nap..., forgot about the eggs..

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP woke me up...,still mostly asleep I said out loud to myself “who the fuck is backing up a truck in the middle of the fucking night?”. What an asshole was my thought as I tossed a pillow on my head to block the fucking beeping...

It won’t stop, what the fuck? I jump out of bed,open the door to my bedroom, notice the hallway is full of smoke!

Oh fuck! Oh shit! What the fuck is on fire??

I made it to the smoke filled kitchen and remembered my eggs..... oops

Anyway, if I went back in time I would not be looking foreword to mopping eggs off of my ceiling later today.

Also worth mentioning is the smell, the horrible scorched egg smell...., still hungry but I feel like puking...guess I’ll choke down another beer

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damn son, thank goodness you did not perish in a fire tonight

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Yup! Stainless steel pot is severely stained, I think I’ll toss it out...

When I look at the kitchen I can’t stop giggling.., it’s a HUGE mess.

Mostly just glad the fire department didn’t show up and kick the door in, that would be embarrassing.., and expensive.

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I’d convince the confederates to genocide all blacks.

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Just the ones in the United States or all of them?

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We'll take DIXIE world wide

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Preferably complete eradication but I’d settle for just in America.

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buy every cheap laptop i could on craigslist, download every book i could find, every single detailed bit of information on ww2 along with detailed information on modern engineering and genetics. then i would pickup as much gold i could buy and go meet aldolf. first thing im doing is handing him everything and explaining how were going to save / change the world.

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I'd go to ancient Egypt and convince them the exterminate the jews instead of expelling them. The butterfly effect throughout history from that one action alone would solve at least 90% of the world's problems that we face today.

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even easier-- just kill jacob. nut then would we still have Jesus??

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Send all the blacks back to Africa after the Civil War ended

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Destroy the cancer at the Frankfurt school. Nearly all poisonous ideas came from there

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