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Yeah, now we are all jealous smh

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I really like you.

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If i said that shit to a girl her pussy would get dry as the sahara, guy must be a 6´3 chad with a 10 inch anaconda and a great job.

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Ask yourself what your number is (between 1-10). If you are an 8 or above she could be trying to 'win' you by mirroring what she thinks your beliefs and politics are.

Do you wear your opinions on your sleeve? If so, be careful. It's usually better for men to keep their mouths shut about their beliefs and let women reveal themselves and their opinions naturally. It's often the most efficient way to find out a woman's organic self.

It's time to meet her family and friends. If her oldest friendship is just a few years old that's a huge red flag. If she has several friends from childhood who are cool people, you're probably good to go.

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Damn Empress I was about to mention mirroring as delicately as possible and you lay it all out there.

Anyway as long as he keeps total control of the finances, doesn't marry under feminist laws and stays in charge he should be fine.

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Empress is a man Larp´ing. If he spreadss conservative propaganda its still ok though.

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marry under feminist laws

wait... so can two US citizens get married in a country that doesn't suck (Poland, Italy, whatever) and have their marriage only be recognized over there and not by the US? Idk why I think that would help. I have a strong but only vaguely justified aversion in reinforcing any relationships I have with the United States of Israel.

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This is so true. mine had brought up something along the lines of "yeah whoever runs the porn industry must be waaay in control." She rounded down to saying it was "hollywood" and such but damn... Best not to just proclaim "well, did you know... It's the Jews."

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I like my odds of finding big foot better than finding a woman who names the Jew

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Then create an environment where only truth flourishes. She will see the light before long and be your best ally.

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”If her oldest friendship is just a few years old that's a huge red flag"

Normally I'd agree, but a lot of long time friendships have been destroyed recently. I don't have any friendships older than a few years because everyone else didn't like that I voted for Trump.

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Women take the form of whatever man they’re around. Congrats on being a man.

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The trick is the become formless. cue zen music

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shes a keeper

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If you are 6´3 chad with a good life women will tolerate anything.

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Propose marriage now. Don't wait any longer. I knew mine was the one after 3 months and now we are going on 14 years. Yours sounds like her head is screwed on right, get hitched and have fun together.

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I'm jealous. Last one I had was upset with how hateful I was...

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Yeah, they want peace and love for a tender place to raise babies. When the marauding hordes break down their door, they'll realize their error.

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You mean to tell me that she ranted like that for 10 minutes and your fapping didn't interrupt her! Cause I know with her carrying on like that you was!

If you take Rellik88's advice and nut in her then as soon as you do stand her up on her feet! That will give you a boy just about every time! He'll be a alpha boy to! I know it may sound crazy but it works.

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You should just get her ring sized and get it over with

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