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That's interesting, because we murdered the Germans in an ocean of fire.


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I learned about Dresden from Kurt Vonnegut when I was about 34 on my own by accident. woke me up to plain of jars and other stuff that is just wow I don't want those dark thoughts in my head. be careful what you put in you head can't take it out once it is in there...

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Nigga wake me up to plain of jars now I'm curious

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I too learned about the firebombing of Dresden from Vonnegut.

What's the plain of jars?

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Most of the crews burning Dresden were British , not American, by the way. British. Every single bomb dropped was logged and accounted for by all crews and the vast proportion of bombs not in the rail yards were BRITISH.

After the war though, the americans starved and murdered in open pens exposed to the elements, nearly 2 million german soldiers that had "blood group" tattoos. many history books on this.

But thats different than women and children.

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many history books on this.

If I may make a humble suggestion, don't make statements like this. Link to, or reference specific documents, even if it is only one.

Make a comment about the holocaust anywhere else on the internet, you will get replies exactly like this, empty platitudes.They will state things like "What about the testimonies of millions of witnesses, or the video evidence, or the thousands of pages of documentation, or the pictures of the mass graves? Look it up."

If you press for specific examples, you will get silence (because these things don't actually exist).

So please do not use the same empty arguments as the enemy (yes, "ENEMY"). Offer something, anything that is specific and that can be validated or refuted.

This has been a public service announcement......

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Why is it different?

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Nuclear holocaust is an apt term.

And I have never heard of a Japanese survivor story, museum, reparations, or any guilt/pity of any sort.

Wow, awesome website!

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You are right wow that is huge wake u call where is the hiroshima or nagasaki memorial and remembrances?

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All so disgusting Jews would be saved and Israel created.

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Wouldn't the mass sacrifice of children to moloch be a holocaust?

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Yep, the Romans used that very reason to wage war on Carthage for a third and final time 2168 years ago, destroying the Semitic Phoenicians. Their god Moloch unfortunately has survived and their Semitic descendants who have called themselves Jews for over 2000 years continue their horrendous legacy of death.

It has been long known as a fact, though modern times suggest it was just Greek and Roman propaganda but there is overwhelming evidence that it's true. The ancient Carthaginian city of Karalis (modern day Cagliari) on the island of Sardinia is home to the largest Carthaginian child necropolis.

Child sacrifice by the Semites is one of the longest living devilish religious practices in existence and is practiced en mass to this day.

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The Roman god of the legion, Mithras, was the slayer of bulls, Moloch.

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Inspecting old dictionaries is important work.

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it's about the most complicated task I can perform with my cognitive abilities but maybe it isn't the best allocation of my time. I am cleaning up my garage in between shitposting and running a successful garage sale and it's going great.

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I wasn't being sarcastic. If we ever start to slide into 1984-esque language modification old dictionaries will be the first clue. They should be archived and protected.

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it's about the most complicated task I can perform with my cognitive abilities

You'd fit in well with /v/protectvoat

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1.old: Chifley british: the notion that one's own ethnic stock is superior. (its very very short) new expanded now but still not bad

2.old: Use of terror violence or intimidation to achieve an end. New definition from this source is better today

3.no significant change

4.old: any set of o two categories masculine and feminine - this one changed the most of all more than H word even

I am starting to like this dictionary the present day version is good I may use this instead of joogle search of "define: word''

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If you want to go all the way back to pre-newspeak times, here is http://webstersdictionary1828.com

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You know our society is seriously screwed up when a dictionary has to refer to a word as being "offensive". Who gets to determine what is offensive and what isn't?

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That's what happens in a police state.

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History is not the retelling of truth, history is the retelling of history from the victor of a violent conflict. Humanity itself are pathological liars, and it became second nature to them to oversell their achievements, and undersell their shortcomings. Then there is the criminal aspect of history...revisionism. This means systematically changing the narrative, by hiding details (crimes) and putting in false information for purpose of control. Deliberately mixing truth and lies creates fear and mental trauma, because the populace will start questioning their own history and reality, which gives the controllers the power over them, because they control all the information.

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I have a dictionary from grandparents without airplane or television or computer. It's dilapidated though. Dad was NOT a good historian/archivist. Still interesting to look at carefully.

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The Websters 1828 is online and it is kept to the original version as of writing this. Want to go down a rabbit hole? Read the Constitution with the Websters open. See what the founders actually meant when it was written.


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Good idea! It's like studying the KJV of the Bible along with a Strong's Concordance, so you can go back to the ORIGINAL manuscripts it came from and find out what words (original Hebrew, Caldi and Greek) meant BACK THEN! It makes a LOT more sense in proper context. I bet the constitution reads the same way!

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