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A great life lesson that my father taught me: leave every place you go slightly better than when you arrived.

For example, if you go out to eat, wipe the table when you are done. You go to a store and you see trash in front, pick it up an throw it out. Go to the bathroom and the water splashed a bit, wipe down the counter top.

It doesn't take much time and it leaves the place looking nicer.

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Leave her better than you found her.

Neil "Style" Strauss.

Sound familiar?

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He sounds like a good man

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It's not really a daily thing, but I do at least 8 hours of severely discounted(zero profit) HVAC work a week(I've learned you can't do it for free, people will start calling for the littlest thing) I basically do it for free, but they pay for my helpers hourly wage.

In the winter when the roads get bad, I make it a point to visit all the elderly folks I know, to see if they need to hit the grocery store or pharmacy, I mean come on I need a reason to go play on the ice and snow.

On the weekends I make wooden toys for the kids in my neighborhood or help them with class projects or projects for scouts. Me and my tools have built so many pinewood derby cars that Detroit is jealous.

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you are a kind human being.

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I try to pass along my knowledge... both in terms of redpills and in terms of life-skills. I've taught countless people how to cure meat, smoke meat, repair appliances and engines, and anything else I know how to do that they need to figure out how to do....

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I just smoked, vacuum packed and froze 8 huge chicken breasts this afternoon... it smells delicious in here right now.

Great job passing on the skills... i'm not sure most folks understand the importance.

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that's awesome! I smoke almost every weekend... it's very much "part of the culture" where I grew up. A father teaches his son how to make a rub, how to maintain a fire, why we like this wood over that wood for this kind of animal, what temperatures apply to which cuts... and I absolutely LOVE sharing that part of my culture with anyone/everyone who wants to learn.

I spent an hour this afternoon coaching a new young neighbor (newlywed kid.. maybe 25?) on how to plant and grow grass... I battled my first yard for 4 years before I had a decent lawn and after figuring out what works, I'm not just happy, but excited to share what I've learned. I don't understand why more people aren't into learning and teaching... seems to be one of the things for which we're naturally wired.

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I fuck with leftists on facebook. Like when they call someone a racist for opposing multiculturalism I ask them why they believe it's ok for us to offer people from foreign lands a consumerist lifestyle to abandon their friends, family and cultures simply because we want to see some darker skin or have authentic ethnic foods. I pressure them to admit they're ripping families apart and destroying what made those people desirable to them in the first place and then kick them down with how it dilutes our people and cultures too.

I've had plenty of people try to dox me over it, publicly shame me, see if they can get me fired, banned from facebook, etc. but I'm essentially immune to it all and I don't call anyone a nigger, talk about white genocide, etc. as going in gently with normies instead of going full 1488 lets me play with them longer and destroy what they believed to be their safe space.

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I help those who genuinely need it and I try to help them help themselves. Unfortunately they are often unable to get past their own demons.

I just "helped" a guy not too long ago. He's been in "trouble" for a few years. So I took him, gave him a clean slate to restart his life and he was fine for a little bit.......but his old habits crept back and he couldn't shake the things that caused me problems.

I find that people in general, those who make their own problems, tend to blame everyone around them and never look in the mirror. But hey, I keep going, hoping.

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I leave redpills on bathroom stalls at my school because they have paper there to do it without vandalizing. Then come back after a while and see what other people have written about what I wrote. Apparently, as far as the JQ and Kalergi Plan and things go, I'm ignorant and misled. But one time, after I had written "research the kalergi plan", and some fucking dumbass wrote back "i dont give a fuck about europe LOL". Its mainly white people and veterans at this school, so i was annoyed.

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Traitors are always shot first.

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Stay alive long enough to interact with my grandchildren.

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Be polite. Drive courteously.

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