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I’m closer to your second age range. I stopped because I saw what was behind the curtain and reading about it here killed my interest in it.

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are you married? do you have kids? being in that environment naturally lowers your testosterone (beyond the environmental chemical damage being done to everyone) - we're about the same age... I figured it was a priority/activity shift. Now instead of being out in social environments with lots of hot young women, I'm in social environments with lots of kids and tired, dragging-ass parents of said kids. None of the women are dressed to attract a mate and the "vibe" is just geared toward a different lifestyle. The focus is no longer on spreading seed, and more on providing for the existing offspring... sex has been replaced by work and knowledge transfer on the priority list.

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Yep when you have a few kids and you want to do at least a half ass job of raising them right, your priorities shift a lot. Or life makes you pay for it because children have zero sympathy for your hangover at 6 in the morning when they jump on the bed to wake you up.

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yes no . makes sense

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You should have kids man, now is the perfect time.

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There will be no greater joy in life than having kids in that they give you meaning and thus something to live for. Those without (see Brendan Tarrant) don't have a PURPOSE. Everyone on here should be having kids. It's the natural order of things.

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Watched a bit of porn in my 20s and 30s. Like anything, over exposure gets you bored with it. I also figured out porn can damage a person's psyche, making normal healthy relationships impossible with the opposite sex. Porn is used as a psyop to destroy healthy families by our hand rubbing enemies.

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I watched porn maybe once when I was 19 because I had a bad case of blue balls. Didn’t like it. Never watched or wanted to watch since, I’m 24.

I’ve been called a nazi or “asexual” because I don’t want to have sex with my girlfriend until I’m sure I want to marry her. Self restraint is immensely powerful. Or maybe I’m just a nazi

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or maybe just a fag?

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Nah, I would be with a man instead of a woman if I were a fag.

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you must havr low t?

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good point, not sure why I didn't i think of that.. Never tested maybe I'll will look into that after I get settled into my new place and life gets back to normal.

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where is new place? i recently moved too

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Are you fuckin your spouse more? That will erase the interest pretty quick.

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It's maturity setting in. I just turned 50 and I'm not drawn to porn anymore. Feels like a waste of mental time. I'd rather learn something or watch a good movie rather than watching a live action sex cartoon.

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I'm 54 and still look at porn almost every night

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