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Yep, our very smart ancestors hid this important lore in our folk tales. Knowing if they were too overt, the stories would be subverted and changed and their descendants would lack important survival knowledge.

Ever wonder why Hollywood went all-in with the "Vampires as Romantic/Tragic Heroes" shit in recent decades?
That shit like Twilight tells young white girls they can "Marry into the clan" if they're special enough?

Weird thing is, the movie that really red flagged me on this stuff is The Coen Bros "A Serious Man".
Not the whole thing - it's about heavy jew shit. Just this opening sequence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFpn3Cv2CE4

Even in their own lore they have weird rules about who you should and shouldn't let into your home. How being a performatively good host (you don't have to like it, just behave correctly) protects you from inter-sheeny curses etc. In this sequence the hausfrau turns on the "guest" (a shapeshifting demon), and the family gets a curse on it. The rest of the movie is set in the modern day with the effects of this curse coalescing into an end-of-the-world sort of situation.

People may snort when you talk about the Jews = Vampires shit. But the truth is that jews believe this shit and follow certain behavioral rules, predate on other populations, then "cleanse" themselves of their sins/blame onto animals (scapegoats) and other sacrificial targets. There's a reason Vampire lore is full of strange rules that feel weird and novel to your average white person. That's because they're not white-people rules. It's an alien world view one white person is trying to communicate to another in such a way that it lodges deep in their unconscious mind. It's a way of communicating, in coded language (story-forms), essential information to later generations about what to do and what to look out for and how to behave around rat-looking strangers when dead bodies start turning up in your village with their blood drained.

The biggest one I've learned of late is understanding that they will always seek to manufacture consent on the part of the target group. Like inviting them into your home. In their naturally devious lawyer-like minds, they must gain some form of consent for their behavior (however hidden behind opaque language, legal loopholes or from oblique directions) or it lands a "me-rubber-you-glue" type of sheeny curse on them. As seen in that short video clip.

They're superstitious. Paranoid. Nervous. Sickly. Neurotic. Obsessive. By nature. This drives them to try and take down other groups. To "prove" themselves better etc. But it also drives them crazy because they can never rest or be happy. Being jewish is a congenital sickness. Genetically and culturally (Culture exists downstream from genetics).

Two other warning stories our forebears left us: The Scorpion and the Frog. and The Farmer and the Asp. Both of which warn that a creature will ALWAYS act according to it's nature. If you do it a good turn, even take it to your bosom. It will still strike you a mortal blow. And in the case of the scorpion, a mortal blow that will also result in it's own doom. (((Remind you of anyone?)))

Now, beyond this point of understanding it's Black Pill territory. The ugly truth that there are no peaceful solutions and that this shit will not just go away by itself. Like any serial killer or criminal driven by pathological urges, they will not stop themselves (perhaps they even can't). They can only be stopped. And if you fail, they will laugh at you when they feel safe again. They will literally tell you to your face "Lol, you should have stopped us when you had the chance. Silly goy!". They won't say it or gloat before you land the killing blow (like every idiot bad guy in every goy-programing movie) to make it easy for you. They will play the poor victim right up until they feel the tables have been turned back in their favor.

That's probably why Vampire lore ends in beheading AND heart-staking. Kill them twice, just to be sure.

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Now I finally have learned why this place was called Whoaverse. Great link. Great post. I am in awe.

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Here's some more in chan format

Turns out there's a scientific explanation for even ancient evils that have hunted mankind for millenia

They are things that nature itself is trying to kill, and they just keep staving it off by committing the most horrific baby-blood-stealing-millions-dead-ethnic-genocide shit you can imagine. Soviet russia and china were just the most recent forms of super-continental-cleansing these freaks have been responsible for. (and yes mao had jews in charge of him as well)

bonus points:read up on tay-sachs disease, it's just one of many ways their degenerated genetic base is self-destructing. considering their actual need to racemix, I guess you could call them gene vampires as well.

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Vampires represent a lot of things, but primarily they were "ghost stories" about foreign degenerates sneaking into your town and taking the innocence of your young women.

Seriously, that's the central theme of the vampire. Every typical trait they have backs this up. "Bloodsuckers" because they suck the life out of their host area. "Super strong/tough" because they have a foreign fortune and friends in high places. "Able to get to places they shouldn't be able to" using bribes. Sleeping during the day because they're up all night smoking opium and having orgies. All of these traits tie directly to the "foreigner who sneaks into your town with the desire to snatch up your young girls' innocence".

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Also notice that the empty cross is repulsive to them.

That was a crazy video clip.

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Good stuff. Never forget the Bolsheviks were primarily jews and they killed tens of millions of Christians because they hate the goyim.

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Don't expect Hollywood to make that movie. But someone has to, surely.

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This is excellent but it actually gets worse. Remember "Underworld" and its sequels? Remember the "good guy" hybrid created by interbeeding vampires with another race? Now read the following:


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Nothing to see here, goy. Unfounded myths.

By the way, do you know about this healthy research?


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Trouble is - that actually works with mice.

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It works with people too. Has been for thousands of years

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History lesson. I was in Transylvania once. Vampire legends come from the Hungarians living there. They had a real problem of finding blood sacrifice victims, cups used to drink blood, missing children, etc.

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People hear stories like Elizabeth of Bathory and they just can't dismiss it quick enough. No... Must be exaggeration. Maybe she hit someone with a cane, and they said she sexually abused and murdered someone else as revenge.

Actually, it is more likely she was a 'Hillary Clinton' of her day, and no matter WHAT truth came out, WHAT accusations were made, people couldn't believe the truth, because it was just that sick. And she was THAT powerful, in terms of nobility, rank, wealth.

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Is this why that Indian goat talks shit about 'dirty-gypsy-jews' with such furor? Differing cultures corellasse?

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Guess why the Spanish Inquisition began. Guess who they were going after.


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Before I get into vampires, ever think about big noses, jews, liars, and a boy named Pinocchio? Pinocchio was written by a based Italian named Carlo Collodi.

I have quite a collection of Vampires = Jews. You can start in this Voat thread I saved the link to. From that thread, I really found what @Clarence_13X said about Rabies interesting:

Rabies. It is thought that "vampires" were originally a folk interpretation of rabid humans, which evolved into a more complex mythology. Rabies can cause hypersensitivity to light. Also in old times a "reflection test" was used on patients, where a man was considered fully rabid if he couldn't recognize himself in the mirror.

Rabies is also close to Rabbi.

This is a great site: The Jewish Origin of Count Dracula

Another Voat thread I have bookmarked: Are Classic Images of Nosferatu and Witches A Metaphor for Jews?

I also have these three image files saved locally:




Was reading this great article called "The Poisoners" and saw this in the comments, third from the top on live page at the time: "maybe all those vampire myths are just metaphors for jewish behavior?"

But then I came across this article written by a Rabbi, and decided I must be totally wrong in the subject:

Five Reasons Vampires Aren’t Jews

Sorry I can't archive that last link.

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Jimi Hendrix song: "Hey, Jew, what ya doing with that baby in your hand"

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No. Baby dick blood is good. The hate-filled goyim started writing books about us jews but called us "vampires". Its a anti-semitic dog whistle. They also made all of their drawings of the witches and vampires to look like us jews. All those books need to be burned.

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Because it's a literal interpretation of the Bible which you would know if you'd actually study something, asshole.

"And the evening and the morning were the first day" puts the "night half" as the first part of the day.

Seventh Day Adventists share this belief too. But unlike the Jews, they're actually nice people and help a community.

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Nigger that book says the wackiest shit and you know it because it's written by kikes. Knowing Hebrew is vital to understanding the Bible, and none of you Christcucks here do or at least mention the need to others.

Proof it's kike mind virus (they suck at math): Bible says pi = 3. Since God is the Jew, I'd say it makes sense that God isn't so good with numbers.

Sorry I just really hate people pushing that kikebook, if you touch one Abrahamic religion you're inviting them all in. They're all parasitical, they're all in the best interests or Jews, and while there is some decent things in there, you don't need to read thousands of pages of Jewish propaganda to realize acting white is natural and inviting Jews in is a bad idea.

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All you had to do was say that Genesis was written by the Jewish priestly class, so of course the days would start at dusk.

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