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We used to idolize warriors, now we idolize grown men playing children's games.

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I still idolize warriors.

Brenton tarrant my hero

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Anders Behring Breivik - or St. Breivik of Norway - had even better results.

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Saint Brenton has blessed us all.

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Tarrant had questionable motives, but he did remove kebab.

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Honk honk hurray!

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Bread and Circus

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on massive amounts of gear while fans pretend they're natural "genetic freaks". synthetic heroes for synthetic people, makes sense to me.

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found the australian

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Which is why /v/gaming is a bunch full of incel soy boy sucks that larp as red/blackpilled.

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I don't think they are closet fags. If they idolize all the niggerball then they are actually niggerfaggots.

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I agree. I think there are two things happening though:

(1) Inability to connect with older males on a masculine level, i.e. a sense of disconnect with men of older generations, and sometimes even men their own age. Our culture has lost a lot of the attributes that used to force men to learn how to act with one another in groups. That's because all of these things are looked at as toxic. But the locker room and the field were places of learning, even if they involved pain and some breakdown in individuality temporally. It wasn't just sports, but also the exposure to dads and friends of their dads, perhaps in the garage, or camping, or fishing, etc. They've attacked not only the son-father dynamic, but also many of the social clubs for young men, all places that caused men to learn to form bonds with each other. I think men today feel the desire for that camaraderie, but also feel a disconnect from men at the same time because they've been raised by mothers to get along with women, not men. So they use sports as a way of trying to re-capture something masculine.

(2) I believe it is a form of pure distraction. This is kind of related to (1), but it relates to the desire for something masculine and simple and pure, that men cannot get in socially acceptable ways anywhere else. Men realize life is shit, and the sports are just a nearly-mindless way to tune out and engage in something that is (mostly) apolitical. Just two groups of men competing for something on a field with rules. No relativity or feelings discussed. This is how it is, you either win or lose. Simple. It is a way to unplug. At the same time, I think this helps explain why so many men are getting fed up with sports and sports commentary, because what used to be pretty pure is now getting attacked by the SJW shit as well.

Yes, sports are ignorant. It's just men chasing a ball. I agree. But I think symbolically it represents something purer that men crave, which is just pure rule-based competition, and groups of men seeking group-useful outcomes by competing within a set of clear rules. It's a foil to the world they work in M-F now, where the rules aren't clear anymore, they are instead vague and full of feminized nonsense, where the way they are used to competing (meritocracy) is being replaced by who can socially manipulate the best.

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I like your thinking, I’ll reply back when I’m on pc

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Worshipping the negroes on the field and wearing their names on your shirt sets a great example for the goy children

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wearing another mans name on your back is the ultimate cuck move imo

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So not having another man fuck your wife, then?

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Yes. Clearly.

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Many are gay for the imagery of muscle-bound large glistening virile NEGROES.

In fact, many women who watch sports watch it for the male form.

Some like sports analytically though, like those that participate in fantasy football leagues.

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its called "fantasy" for a reason...its only for homos

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Anything can be spun to push an agenda. Sports can be spun as toxic masculinity, or as homosexual.

You gave the example of sports being gay, but sports can be called toxic masculinity.

Men idolising others who are in peak physical condition, wanting to be like them. Idolising others for their aggression and competitiveness wanting a society where these traits are prized and encouraged.

Sports can be considered similar to battle. A team is representing a tribe, city, or group. They're seen as battling outsiders, the enemy. Strategizing, overpowering the competition. Cheering for your team, wanting them to win against the enemy, instead of wanting us all to get along and work together.

Individuals aren't idolising people who have exceptional traits only because they themselves want those traits, but because they want their society, their group, to have those traits. They aren't craving a society with sexy men, they're craving a society with strong warrior like men.

And yes, like you said, some men go overboard with it. But society has evolved faster than what humans have evolved. And we still have that need for ourselves, and for our group to battle, to compete, to fight, to win. We haven't lost all our masculine traits yet.

Yeah, I could go on, but you get the point. Sports feed the primal parts of our brains. The masculine parts.

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the only time sports are good, is when they develop hooligan fan rivalries, and the men meet up after the game and brawl it out against each other like in the UK

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The only time sports are good are when you actually play them.

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Nothing more cucked than wearing a jersey with another man's name on the back. That's fucking gay.

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so true. at least fork over enough money to get your own name on the back, for fucks sake

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