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Not only do I never look at or click on any ads, I will actively avoid products that place ads in annoying places.

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Ads are like a reminder of what products I need to avoid. I used to just make a mental note of the products with obnoxious ads, but now that every ad has the same pro-nigger, pro-misgenation, anti-white male theme, every product can be avoided regardless of the context.

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Is is misgenation, or miscegenation? I keep seeing both.

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Same, with one exception: I will preferentially give any company that advertises on Voat my business if/as I can.

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Yeah i don't even see them any more.

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Not all commercials or ads are used to sell items. Sometimes they're used to sell agendas and push propaganda.

Did you see a single razor in Gillette's ad? No, you did not.

And how many times have you seen racemixing in ads? It's there to normalise it. To make it seem like it's cool and more prevalent than it really is. And so you see happy people in perfect settings, doing the things you want to do, in an attempt to make you to want to subconsciously emulate them.

They aren't only spending money on ads to get you to buy their products.

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Oddly enough, razors are a good solution for racemixing.

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I had no idea what rogaine was for the longest.

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6 billion

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Its not about having you interact with the ads, its about normalizing you to products, features, and brands.

You can greatly affect what people buy and think by inundating them with ads to push them in specific directions.

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AdNauseam allows me to click on ALL the ads. Have I ever purchased shit based on online advertising, nope.

Do I make sure I'm sending useless data back to those who want to track that kind of thing? Yup.

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You just need to mentally note to never buy anything you see an ad for. Does it seem familiar but you don't know where from? Don't buy it.

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You mean actively remember a brand that is simultaneously designed to tap into your subconscious and then NOT buy that product?

Just avoid

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I literally pay no attention to them, as my brain has been trained. On youtube, i have no idea what ads are playing, as my eyes don't go to the top right corner. My brain is trained not to even look there. On the video ads, my eyes just focus on the timer inside skip button. Same on other sites.

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Dude get mublock, no more niggerfaggot YouTube adds.

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What is the point of the add staying on your brain if he doesnt buy anything ?

You are deliberately ignoring the fact he doesnt drop a dime on the shit hes forced to see.

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This. I take out earbuds or mute and look away. fuck ads and their subliminal bullshit.

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gud werk

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