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This is true. But the public broadcasting we have today is clearly biased, and partisan in its reporting.

The public broadcasting system exists for the good of the public. Partisan broadcasting is not good for the public.

There are only three practical alternatives that I can see to fix the public broadcasting system.

  1. Abolish it.

  2. Create arbitrary rules to try to force a change of content within the system, with the goal of removing bias. Good luck with that.

  3. Expand the system to create an alternative, media outlet(s) that have a goal (charter) to broadcast competing content. Create a public broadcasting charter that requires the public media outlets to compete against against each other.


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Defund public media. No one needs it.


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I'd love this but...

Good luck. It would have to be completely 'grass roots' or some other form of financing. No kike will support this.

Our current 'conservative content' is being fed to us by kikes. I'm looking at you EIB Network... Rush... Levin... all kikes or kike lovers or at the least silenced by kike money.


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For some reason the entire republican party (exception being Rand Paul... Maybe those klan roots didn't die after all) has a raging erection for Jews.