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can't show that the whites have the power to fight back

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They don't want a copy cat NZ shooter, they just want Muslims killing us.

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I think there is a pretty high probability of several copy cats.

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50 was weak sauce.

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Literally this. Very demoralizing to our invaders.

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Like his manifesto said, power is the ability to commit violence. He displayed more power than the government said he was allowed to

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Those "mosques" are CIA operated. That's why all of the mockingbirds are squawking.

The most simple and obvious answer is usually correct.

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Looks like you've had a little too much to think, citizen...

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(((I have no idea why)))

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It's a mystery.

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Fahrenheit 451: erase what the rulers don't want you to see.

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This is the easiest answer, but why not develop hatred for white by showing this video?

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The rulers are selective in choosing who they want your hatered to be directed towards. All communications are funeled through a system to give the results we see, on the news, and in the actions of people who think they are prime actors in their response. Motivational science has been studied for move than a century, It might be foolish to think they don't know how to manipulate the masses.

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because they dont want to desensitize people to muslim dying, just white people

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Because white man/orange man bad

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Orange man bad so get that bag!

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Glad you noticed...step in the right direction. Mainstream news is all propaganda for the globalists.

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.. because it's Psychological Warfare - our enemies can brag about their victories over us but we can't if we strike back

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