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If they re using my data to make money, (they are) then I want my cut of the profits.

If they don't want to pay me for my data, then I don't want to help them make money. I will keep my data to myself, and wait for a better partner to come along and create a better, more fair, capitalist arrangement for my data.

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No. They can get their data from some other sucker

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They should better report on you how they use the data and how that has improved society.

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Hahahaha....that's cute, you think you have an option and that your data hasn't already been collected...

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Out of convenience I would say no. There are two criteria's on top of my head that would have to be fulfilled for me to make an exception. One, it would have to be funded by government or other none commercial interest groups and the results would have to be published as public domain. Two, the paper work would have to be in order and limit the use of my data for that specific research without exception.

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Nope it's way too easily misused

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I knew I would get that answer here. I'd probably even get that answer on reddit from the left. But I wanted to understand why. Why people are afraid of doctors so much and would refuse yearly health checks just because they don't want their health data misused.

What would it take for someone to trust another person/company so they can assure it wont get misused.

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The ability to push a button that killed them all if my data got misused