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there should be a stickied meter somewhere

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Today's forecast: shilly

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This is what made me suspicious.

Same thing happened with the Las Vegas shooter, /v/new was flooded with conspiracy theories.

Also, wtf is up with people throwing pewdiepie into this.

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The shooter said "remember lads subscribe to pewdiepie" at the start of the video

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I asked for this

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Facebook and instagram down yesterday. CIA, Mi6, al-jazzera, Press Tv Iran and Forgistani Secret FBI Niggers seem to be all over voat this morning. I can't get my interwebs to work only at dial up 1992 speeds, nothing works bitchute, liveleak nothing. I always criticized islam its a grabage religion full of terror, rape , jihadi, all there inside the shit book the Quran or Koran. Assume you are watched because you are. However this moron probably mostly killed innocent people. In the long term this usually turns out worse for everyone, less rights, less freedoms etc

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Yes. I’ve done my equivalent of shitposting to balance the concern fagging and overt sig heiling but the VOAT community isn’t always the most cerebral bastion of moderates we’d like to believe ourselves to be. And I’m just going to clarify I’m being sarcastic because goddamn if there aren’t some dense fuckers lurking about right now

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i one for one am quite happy with right wing death squads becoming a reality

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I for one, am gonna collect his pics and manifesto quotes, and shitpost meemz to death this weekend.

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Zero sympathy for Mudkikes.

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Don't know why you're getting downvoted. It just proves your shill storm statement.

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n=1 does not a death squad make and if we’re being fair — no one was shooting back. The real thing will not look so surgical

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A New Zealander attacks a mosque and these useless dipshit liberals in america blame trump and the NRA how delusional can you be? Do these idiots insanity know no bounds? Now trump is responsible for what happens in New Zealand too? The NRA an American Right defense group is responsible for what happens in a foreign nation?



The bodies haven't even been buried and the democrats are politicizing the tragedy of another country for their own political purposes if you have anyone in your family who votes democrat now is the time to disown them they aren't stable people!

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He implicated Q, Canadace Owens, 8chan & Pewdiepie. Meanwhile - John Pedosta is visiting new Zealand. This is 100% False Flag. This shit glows so insanely hard, you could power a continent with it.

Not to mention that he specifically sais that jews are innocent, while he's attacking muslims; muslims are a symptom of jews. Anyone who's spent more than a week or two on 8chan knows that the problem is jews, not muslims.

This is literally a case of side A pretending to be side B, attacking side C, so that B and C keep fighting, while side A reaps all the gains.

There can be no mercy for jews.

again: “Mossad spy ring 'unearthed because of Christchurch earthquake”

also: remember: false flag doesnt mean 'it didnt happen' it means 'side A pretending to be side B while comitting an action'

Like soldiers putting other countries' patches on their gear, and going around killing civilians, making sure that everyone can see the 'other countries' patches, and making everyone think that they did it.

This is exactly why all the guns have the scribbles on it.

This is exactly why he has his manifesto full of white nationalist talkingpoints, but strangely aquitting jews????

These are exactly the planted 'other countries' patches to make sure everyone believes that 'other country' did it.

This is literally 'le 9gag army was here' -tier falseflaggery

Think critically, and ask yourself: who would stand to gain anything from this, and what could this be distracting from?

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Stop capitalizing random words.

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yes daddy

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Anytime there is a shooter who has written a manifesto, you can be 100% sure that it is a jew behind it. Also this is just another copy of Baruch Goldstein, a jew who went into a mosque and started shooting everyone, killing including children and he is hailed as a hero in Israel. This mass murderer is also being hailed as a hero by some idiots here at Voat, thinking going after average muslims (even children) out there is the way to go. These people are not so different from the jews they always condemn, they share a similar twisted mentality.

But no, the way to go is to go after the politicians and the ones behind them who are responsible for muslim being here in the first place otherwise you are just playing into the jews hands. Nothing gets a jew off more than watching gentiles killing other gentiles.

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Of course going after the children is the way to go, if you leave the children they grow up and are still infesting your country.

All enemies of the people need killed, every invader needs killed, man, woman and child.

If you can't accept that fact, you accept that you will lose your civilization.

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a question besides "does it glow" is "can it still be used". i think yes for the latter question

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Fucking yeah it has, holy shit I have never seen it this bad.

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You're allowed to say "CIA"

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misspelling certain word and entities throws off keyword logging.

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I have a feeling they might have added c underscore a to their algorithms by now

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Mate, you being on here already put you on many lists long ago.

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Lol the Cia is always watching, they have the funds to have a word filter for every word and save all the data.

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Seriously? You think C_A is going to fly under the finest cyber the Deep State has at their disposal?

What a fucking joke, QTard boomers are the worst.

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Nigger alien faggots to be precise.

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Oh ya, a bunch of people want to celebrate it and they want you to celebrate it. So we can all become government targets, so we all become terrorists, so then the government has the right to kill us all. Please leave your thoughts to my comments here: https://voat.co/v/politics/3095709

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are you kidding? when were we not on some list somewhere?

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  • If you are white, you are already marked for extinction. Wake up and smell the coffee, retard.

  • If you are a white dissenter, you are already on several "lists".

  • By merely living in a modern western society, all your data like credit card purchases, geo location, internet habits, porn habits/deviances, political viewpoints, facial recognition data, medical records and so on are being collected into a virtual 3D profile that can tell more about you than you yourself could.


This is the problem with lemmings like you - even with all the information around you, you're still clueless as to what situation you're already in.

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I stopped caring. They've already ruined my life, the ones who are coming after us. What more could they do? Kill me?

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Accurate post is accurate. Sadly, I'm out of upvotes for a few more hours.

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The government doesn't have the "right" to do shit.

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