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Just add 30 gallons of fish to your aquarium and everything will be fine.

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This is about what I expected from you assholes. God bless.

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OP seriously 50 GPH is too small you want around 100gph or more for a 20 gallon tank, I've kept aquariums for decades.

You can get a good HOB filter for like 20-30$ brand new I would recommend an aquaclear mini at the smallest an aquaclear 30 would be mich better and very similar in price.

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I've kept fish for years. Having more filtration than needed won't hurt a thing. Although it will set up a current in your tank that some species might not care for.

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50 gph is not more filtration then needed it's less. 50gph filter would fit a 15g tank.

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Are you planning on putting fish in that hurricane machine ?

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50gph filter is fine. Just don't use a 50gph pump to go with it. If you get a pump, try to get a variable one. Even if it isn't variable you can buy a sliding potentiometer to control its power input, and therefore its pumping speed. I have no idea what gph you would need for a pump on a 20gal tank, but it's probably some fraction of 20.

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What kind of filter? a HOB or a Canister? either way its small but whether it's a lot or a little small is up for debate.

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I suppose that depends how quickly you want to change over the water, if that’s the rating for the entire pump assembly and not just the filter itself.

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The plants convert co2 to oxygen, that's really all they do, you need to do frequent large water changes to keep any fish/snails alive for long. In the picture there are only 2 tiny visible fish and a snail so the tank/bowl has a very low bioload, the surface area of the plants also collects beneficial bacteria which convert harmful ammonia and nitrates into less harmful nitrites just like a filter would but on a much lower level.

The key here is lots of plants,very few fish, and lots of testing and water changing as necessary.