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Did you try turning it off then turning it back on again?

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fuck off soap box fag

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Do you like noodles?

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Show me on the doll where @PlankO touched you.

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good, now what the fuck were you thinking allowing CIA sponsored cloudflare to run a man in the middle attack on your site in the first place?

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I wish you webadmins were more willing to not use free shit. Cloudflare is a "man in the middle", fundamentally no different than the China firewall.

There's smaller companies that'll run a CDN for you. Edgecast was one bought by Verizon, vultr/choopa has one and so do a few others.

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Right said, Many other service provider provide same service with better quality with cheaper rates.

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True, but I don't make any money off of this so I figured to keep costs low, as a personal expense. So far so good even without Cloudflare - I don't even know why I had it in. I figured 'better be prepared'. In truth I only used it once to ban the entire IP class of Indonesia because a dude kept uploading non-NSFW marked dick picks, and I had to manually review each. You see, I don't want to use Google's Vision because it's creepy AF and just hell no for so many reasons.

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were you using a Honkler as a logo? my recommendation in this environment is to have relative filenames and another domain or two, entirely different, ready to go. when someone shuts down mypicturesite.co you can just fire up the app server on fuckyocouch.co and people just have to change the url.

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Look up what the Stormer uses. I think its bitmitigate?

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This is the second or third time I hear about this. I'll definitely check it out, but so far another user suggested I don't even bother until I hit upwards of 1k concurrent users or so.

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They do just checked.

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Imgoat is down too

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Intermittently. I have trouble with it sometimes but not always.

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OP: checked out site (up again), does it strip metadata automatically ?

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No, not automatically, as there are a number of users who use the site for professional things, having large albums - and they like it. However, one can disable metadata reading by default on their own uploads.

I thought about making it the reverse, but I figured it would be good for SEO. Do you think it's a big enough issue to deter a large part of would-be users to use it, even if it can be disabled?

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