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Unions exist for the benefit of the union.

Shit workers cannot be fired. So expect to have a shit boss. Pay will not increase and you'll have to pay union dues.

"without US.." Bullshit. I worked in a union house ... when they went on strike they were amazed that the managers could run all the equipment and do it better. That strike was short lived.

One worker said to me "I did not know you could run my machine." To which I replied "Its not rocket science, son."

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this guy is right, more or less. my recommendation is to really examine what sucks about this job and try to think of a change in the workplace that would address it. then go to management with THAT request. Chances are there's just a woman or a kike involved somewhere spreading bad vibes. hard work as a team toward a visible, tangible goal should be very rewarding. If it's not, either someone is ruining the fun or you really are being taken advantage of. answer that question before going to any higher ups.

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You can meet with a union rep....the company might respond to make it a little better or worse. A crap shoot.

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I can only speak for construction trades. They're good for workers. They make sure you get yearly raises, they enforce safety so your employer doesn't have you 3 stories up without a harness, there's good camaraderie, they're overwhelmingly white.

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My wife's in a union (ER admitting), they fuck the workers over at every chance they can. Management hasn't signed the last deal (5-6 years, at least) and won't ever sign it now because of all the due back pay. The union won't do shit about it because they are still getting their dues collected. And the union rep is a complete moron who can barely show up on time and is shit at her job.

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A union is just the only solution some dipshit who works there can think of. The real issue is you guys think you're underpaid. If there is a large group consensus, write a note to management and let them know. Dear management fucks - you're not paying us enough. We work XXX hard and relative compensation compared to XXX shit job (driving Uber, etc), is not a good value proposition. If you don't want us to all quit to (Drive Uber), etc, please consider the below request. (IMPORTANT TO INCLUDE): If you cannot accommodate increased wages, please consider the below time-off proposal (etc) that has no net cost to you but provides us relief blah blah blah.

As for union life, it can be a real trap. Once someone gets overpaid for a job they can keep forever it's easy to miss opportunities to grow and achieve and make yourself better, in fear of losing what you have now. This suits a certain class of person, but few are happy with that vibe over the long-term.

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My father was in one. I can tell you for a fact down south the wages and benefits for the same job are much lower than in the northeast where unions are still relatively strong.

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that's not the reason, and also not certain to last 20 years.

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When a workforce is unionized there is no reason for the company to give a shit about them anymore. It might already feel like they don't give a shit, but you'd be surprised. The job becomes standardized and regimented. The union contract is written to treat employees as interchangeable worker units. Advancement and job selection is based on seniority only.

Bottom line is though that if you tried it your employer would probably just fire the whole department and farm it out to third party contractor. Though I don't know how unions for skilled-trades work, maybe yours would be more like that.

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This is correct. Just as likely, you'll drive the company out of business.