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Nice try, FBI

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you can induce this without drugs. a ping ball cut in half covering your eyes, headphones playing white noise and you lay down and wait

it tricks the brain into generating its own images and sensations.

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Kinda like the saltwater float beds, I see crazy stuff.

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If you don't sleep for a few days you will start to see shit, shadows become objects.

Last time for me was in anchorage AK circa 2000 did some mushrooms and I could see through the walls and everything that is or ever was in that space 11/9 lots of fun. Been smarter and dumber ever since that day.

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When I'm tired, walls breathe.

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Couple days ago maybe. I can slip into hypnogogia pretty easily when I lay down for bed. I just enjoy the ride.

Aside from that it happens sometimes when I meditate, and once when I was very young because of a fever.

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i thought I saw pigs fly the other day but then realized Trump is still a jew marionette.

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Years ago while in college. There's a certain point where chronic sleep deprivation can cause some bizarre hallucinations (the Pillsbury doughboy on the hood of my car), or some disturbing hallucinations (the highway descending into Minas Morgul).

That level of sleep deprivation is no joke.

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few days

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