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My brother is responsible for the death of my mother. When she became disabled and unable to care for herself he took her to the pill mills in Florida and began irresponsibly medicating her. His motive was money. He lost everything in 2008 and there sat Mom with millions. All this led to a premature death.

I reported all this to the police, tbi, dea ect and no one cared. They wanted nothing to do with it. "It was a civil matter." My point is cops are not like what you see on tv. They are lazy. I believe the only way to change the outcome would be at your own expense. They will not help you. Let it go. I had to do that. It was hard. I wanted justice but to what end? Sometimes things happen we will never understand. It is what it is.

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It is Criminal, but it is absolutely a civil matter. The burden of proof would make your case impossible to convict on. You would have to make the case Beyond Reasonable Doubt in a court of law. In a civil case, all you need is preponderance of evidence. None of it can bring your mom back. I'm genuinely sorry for your loss.

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Righteous justice does not exist in this world.

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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

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Looks like we'll have to bring it forth, then.

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So all the forensics shows where they show all the cops rarin to go, are lying?

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Biggest pile of subversion ever put on TV. Meant to make people worship the state and trust them with everything.

Do people actually believe the cops would use MRI scanners, spy satellites and telepathy to solve crimes?

It is even more funny because sometimes they show the cop caring, but not the boss and the department, yet everything still ends okay. How likely is that?

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It's a horrible job that probably grinds you down very rapidly, depending on how nit-picky and retarded your particular area is.

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One of the most accurate depictions of cops ever is The Wire. Otherwise, they’re usually depicted as either upright amazing heroes or psychotic criminals with badges. Truth is, they’re government employees with a shit job that requires a certain amount of callousness to get through.

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That's horrible, sorry.

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The case can always be reopened. Theres no statute of limitations on murder. But nothing you’ve said raises any suspicion. Your friend probably didn’t want to die. Her mother murdered her. Her mother sounds very disturbed.

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Op's friend was definitely murdered and it appears that people misunderstand what a murder suicide is and it also sounds like rumor and speculation have led to some kind of a false "suicide pact" belief.

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If YOU did the murder, then you are 99% certain, not 85%.

If you talk too much about an unsolved crime to police, YOU become a suspect in their tiny minds.

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One of my good friends and her mother was killed in questionable circumstances. I’ve been on anti depressants ever since. I haven’t been the same person. If they were in fact murdered, the right people need to be held accountable.

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I understand that she may have in fact killed her but why was reimbursing the city SO PARAMOUNT after killing her daughter? Autopsy said Corrine was killed at 6:30am and the vehicle the mother was renting with the city’s credit card was returned at 7am. Why try and return everything if you’re going to kill yourself? Why was $10k donated to the city THE FOLLOWING DAY after the bodies were discovered to cover expenses on behalf of Jayne Peters?

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No idea. Probably something else nefarious even, somebody trying to cover something up. But that doesn’t mean she was murdered. If she commits suicide there may still be co-conspirators with something to hide. Maybe it’s even proof she was murdered. Doesn’t mean you will be able to do anything about it, especially so long after.

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The problem though is that given all the inconsistent facts brought up by OP. If it wasn't a murder-suicide, then it was murder. Given that much of the financial ill deeds that the mother committed were quietly made right by various players. Its very likely there was some much larger conspiracy going on (human trafficking, drugs,...) and this mayor was somehow connected just enough that the attention brought on by the potential investigation would have uncovered the larger cabal. It sounds like a risk management play. Tie up the loose ends, make things pretty and wait for the heat to pass.

Given that this group was willing to kill two people over this, they've probably done it before. If you think that is hard to pull off. Then it's half as hard to dispose of some schmuck trying to open a cold-case after almost a decade.

Tread carefully OP

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Your response is one of the better ones. I thought about the human trafficking/drug that could potentially be a vital aspect. During the autopsy, they discovered 2 100mg fentanyl patches on Janes upper back. Isn’t that an odd place to put fentanyl patches? In addition to that, no trace of fentanyl were found in her system the autopsy reported. This tells me that they were placed on her back AFTER she was killed.

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Sounds fishy. Maybe you could find a journalist or even hire a detective to look into it if you were afraid of stirring the pot. You probably aren't the only one who thinks this way. A spotlight on it in the form of a newspaper article or podcast mention could make the difference.... good luck. Sad either way and I'm sorry you lost your friend.

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The frst 48 hrs are crucial in an investigaion. Looking at old articles on browardpalmbeach.com & truecrimereport dot com. It's a strange case but I think new evidence needs to be presented for police to re-open a case. Sad story don't know if its suicide or murder, officials say suicide she seemed like a cute girl. Just digging through archives now , 'apparently' https://newsok.com/article/3476134/dallas-area-mayor-apparently-shot-teen-daughter-self? , https://medium.com/@candlesmyers/motherhood-is-too-fucking-much-the-murder-suicide-of-corinne-and-jayne-peters-29c3a26bc298 , https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Coppell-Mayor-Daughter-Found-Dead-98406754.html , https://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1134336/pg1 , https://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/texas-mayor-and-daughter-murder-suicide/38/, i don't know maybe it was suicide or murder i dont know

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In theory no new evidence is required but in practice you need an overwhelming amount of new evidence and probably fresh eyes looking at the old evidence to ever get anyone in law enforcement to admit to a mistake.

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Those are very helpful. From the daughter's perspective, the mom was awaiting cancer test results, had given her daughter a brand new car as a graduation gift, and had secured her daughter's admission to the college of her choice and the daughter was leaving for college that day in that car.

What the daughter didn't know is the mother had not really gotten tested for cancer, the car was a rental that had to be returned, and the mother never applied to college for the daughter and the daughter was not really accepted to that college. Plus, the mother had embezzled tens of thousands of dollars from the city as the mayor and was about to be indicted.

All the mother's lies had to fall apart on that day and the mom murdered the daughter then herself to prevent dealing with the problems she caused.

It's very straightforward in light of the facts and I see absolutely no reason why this wasn't a murder-suicide. There's no mystery here.

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That’s where my brain is with this case. A huge part of me “knows” that it was murder but then there’s that part of me that’s like “maybe Jayne did it”. I don’t know. This has destroyed me.

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I fear that if I were to present my thoughts to the Coppell community, I will receive a ton of hate. Nobody here thinks for themselves or question the narrative.

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I don't know. I read an article on this. 1) Jayne lied to Corrine about getting into college. And the day of the murder was when she was leaving for college that she wasn't accepted to.

2) Corrine got a car from her mother as a graduation present, but it was another lie, because it was the city's.

3) Jayne lied about having cancer to stop Corrine from going to college once and it didn't stop her.

4) Jayne wrapped her dead daughters head in towels and placed Teddy bear s around her body.

It looks like her mom murdered her.

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Woman murdering her child; wouldn't be the first time.

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Also the anonymous donation was later found to be by Coppell newspaper, via David and Jean Murph. Doesn't seem to be malicious.

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1) jayne typed multiple suicide letters and wrote one out

2) corrine was shot in back of head

Those alone are major suspicions. Mind you corrine didint even have a gun license, she alleged borrowed another mayor's gun lmao. Do you know how hard it is to shoot someone in the back of the head unless they are tied up or passed out? The whole Teddy bear thing is to make it look like mother cared, why would she even shoot her in the first place then?

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Jayne wrote multiple notes to multiple people.

Corrine was shot in the back of the head and wouldn't have known it was coming. She was in the laundry room and could have been gathering clothes to pack.

Also the shot was not dead center, but entered from the neck.

Based on what I've read Jayne lied to Corrine and couldn't bare disappointing her. So she murdered her.

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Thank you! You’re asking all of the right questions. These are the questions that haunts me the most.

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Are the reports correct?

Jayne was very anti-gun. A friend of the family supposedly gives her a gun. Jayne and Corrine are shot; days later he announces he's running to replace her as mayor.

If the reports are correct then Corrine was deceived. Otherwise it's suspicious.

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Not the same guy. The guy that gave the gun was Mayor of Cedar Hill, Rob Franke, not in the town of Coppell. The guy that replaced her was former mayor Doug Stover, with interim mayor Bob Mahalik.

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If you think you have evidence to present, you should present it and try to reopen the case. Without additional evidence (beyond feelings about the verdict) no one will reopen the case.

I agree that parts of the story may seem fishy, but if you look hard enough you can usually find something that doesn't seem right about a murder or a suicide -- because such things are not right. They defy nature and God.

Depression and suicidal thinking is not at all uncommon in the modern West. This is due to our turning away from God and our consequent nihilistic viewpoint of the world. It is also due to a sense of futility and powerlessness. People try to kill themselves when they believe they are out of options. Being in debt is a major source of depression and sense of futility. Having the father of the family die just two years before would not have helped matters.

Let me also say that there are some who are depressed who can perfectly conceal their feelings some of the time. If your friend recently began taking anti-depressants shortly before her death, it is not unreasonable at all that she might have has a sudden inrush of suicidal thoughts.

If the mayor had disguised her intentions then an unsuspecting acquaintance could have easily been deceived into loaning her a firearm if she gave him sufficient reason.

There is nothing wrong with being suspicious, but at the same time this case is not that extraordinary.

Keep your chin up, gets lots of sunlight, and talk to people if you are ever overwhelmed by grief. Best of luck. There will always be goats here if you need an ear.

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if your god cared about people killing themselves over nihilism, why doesn't he make himself known to the world? it would certainly solve most of that problem. but god hides from us? cruelty still in the bag of tricks apparently.

[–] PeaceSeeker 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

Men were given free will. If God appeared before every individual and "proved" His existence to each person, there would be no choice -- everyone would believe in God, but by virtue of the way that belief existed, no one would be free. The world as it is leaves the responsibility and choice to serve good or evil to each individual; the responsibility is not God's.

Nonetheless, as /u/HbMcNutt stated, God does make himself visible in many ways, just not in the explicit, material form of "proof". God is being itself, and is therefore the Truth of the universe, the being through which good and evil are defined. His Son, Christ, is the Word (the Logos), which also means Mind (the Mind of God which existed at the beginning and created everything through speech).

Just as Christ bore his cross, so must we as individuals bear the torments and suffering of existence, and more than that, we must bear the responsibility for all of existence ourselves, for Christ is in each of us. Part of this suffering is enduring the consequences of our actions; part of this suffering is the responsibility and freedom we hold.

Nihilism emerges from a rejection of God, and therefore of universal Truth and universal meaning. Without belief in Logos, man cannot know joy. Therefore nihilism emerges from choice, and so is a result of freedom. God of course cares about those of His people who suffer by rejecting Him, and wishes that they would come to him and know joy.

Because people have incorrectly concluded that reason replaces God (it actually comes from Him), many find themselves incapable of reconciling reason with God, and so are incapable of believing. Thus the try to fill the voids in their hearts with idols, meager replacements for God, pleasure being perhaps most common. But finite pleasures can never fill an infinite void, and so such people only suffer more.

No subject on Earth has been more thoroughly reasoned through, written about, and discussed, as the idea of God. History paints a clear picture of suffering and catastrophe emerging as a result of rejecting and attempting to replace God. Accept Christ's message of love, discover joy, serve Truth, and be excellent. Your life and the lives of those around you will only improve.

[–] HbMcNutt 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

He does make himself known but you look away

[–] neogag 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

This existence isn't all there is in the Christian worldview. Your criticism is about a scenario where God exists, so you have to accept that premise too as part of your reasoning.

[–] Hand_of_Node 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

If God was freely available as a crutch, who would grow? This probably makes no sense to you atm, but keep it in mind for the future.

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Cold cases can definitely be solved, but this comes down to picking your battles. Do you believe that getting justice for your friend and possibly getting bad people off the street is worth the possibility of losing your own life? If yes, fight on. If not, try to let it go. Also keep in mind that while it might be a cover up of something worse, it might just be a tragic event that doesn't have anything deeper behind it, and you're just drudging up old painful memories for nothing.

Whatever you decide, I wish you luck, and I'm sorry for your loss.

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It prob was a hit. But they will not look into it.

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Very suspicious deaths. I saved this submission so I can keep coming back to it. I will try to do some of my own research into the case. Please keep us updated with your findings!

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