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Yes, and everything to know about them.

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If they would help us genocide the negroes

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get me the fuck outta here.

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Came here to say this. Beam me up, Xorbax!

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What the hell would they want you for?

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i dont know :(

thanks for bursting my bubble.

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I already know

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Yes, it would prove my theory right that the sheer numbers prove it. It really is just an assumption, relies on probability, and very much not official in any sense. There's billions of stars (at least) in the Milky Way, so there's potentially tens of millions of stars like our sun with potentially millions of planets orbiting said suns. There's probably hundreds of thousands of planets in the "Goldilocks Zone" and those planets being in who knows what kind of state of supporting life. All that and I've only talked about the Milky Way...there's how many galaxies? Just on sheer numbers, we aren't alone. We can't be. We just don't have the tech or resources to find them.

Also, it would turn the desert religions on their heads and I want to watch the shit storm as they try to rationalize it.

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Define real

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I think he means "operating within a purely physical space-time energy system". I think he means actual space creatures with meat bodies. No imagination.

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There are other beings (non Human) on Earth. Best wishes Roy Belfast NI

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Really? They are called animals.

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Some are even plants!

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Fuck yea, beam me up Scotty

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