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Ignorant women

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and ignorant men.

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Who the fuck supports this insanity?

Every liberal progressive retard that exists.

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Why? ...it's self destructive.

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Its what they do. Every single fucking time. Destruction of the family unit by liberals is a perfect example. Look what thats lead to.

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Feels good to them and/or creates excuses to pretend they are morally superior to others.

No morals or work or sacrifice on their part required.

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Trust the plan! Where we go one, we go all! Patriots have no skin color! Israel is our greatest ally!

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"we still have our constitution"memes would be handy right now.

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"how does knowing any of this improve your life"

"why do you care about any of this"

"I don't have to worry because I am not ________"

"you're just paranoid"

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Is this a new type of warfare?

No. They have done this for centuries

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War is bad, so people with guns should turn them into the government to make people safe!!!

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Sadly it seems 95 percent of our country either supports this shit or is completely indifferent to it and living in their own little bubble. I have multiple educated successful older friends with families 30 to 55 years old and i have tried to redpill them on every thing we discuss on here. The results i am now conidered the racist bigot homophobe trump supporting conspiracy theorist. It is so bad and makes so little sense i almost feel if im living some weird lifr where the people i have known are all retarded or sometype of controlled oppisition. It freaks me out enough that im thinking of just going full hermit getting some land with water and checking out socialy. I have a lot of equity in my two properties and could probably pull it off. We are fucked if i cant redpill one person there is not much hope. The fucking mental hurdles they jump through arr just unbelievble but ive witnessed it over and over. It is very frustraiting.

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Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results? Lmao. We're surrounded by it. I have no choice but to support it, as progress in the modern world is insanity with a different condom on. I only bend for what I want, right?

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