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Focus on health. Getting in shape will make you feel better, and have the added benefit of making you more attractive. Although I wouldn't jump into a new relationship for a while, I'm enjoying being single for the moment too.

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I drove a lot. In the first 3 months after my divorce, I put 15,000 miles on my car

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I often drive as a therapeutic release as well. No destination typically.

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Sadly, I get very bored driving now. ... I drove an auto scrubber for 2 years over night at a job. .... I think because I used video stimulation to drown out the hum of the machine, caused a double edge consequence.

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That actually sounds interesting. One of the few moments I feel normal is driving to work in the morning.

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Then find a safe place out in no where land and slam some curves and drive a little risky. It’s fun!

Blare some music that you liked 3-4 years before you met the X.

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Find a hobby to preoccupy your mind. Work on being a massive inspirational rolemodel to your child whenever you get to see them.

Most importantly probably, work on finding another woman.

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I agree with this in general. Specifically Make your mission the central focus in life, not your woman, and not only will you find a better woman, but you'll never find yourself in this positiont again because your mission, your passion, is your focus and the loss of a woman doesn't affect that. Furthurmore A good woman only wants a man with a mission, a focus outside herself that you're working towards. Conversely, and counterintuitive to most men's inner thoughts, the moment you make them the focus, is the moment we start losing both our mission and our woman. This is definitely a big reason why you'd find yourself in this situation.

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You know that sound you make when you blow air out of your mouth and let your lips flap? I sat in the recliner and did that a lot.

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Hahaha, I think I’ve done the same shit a few times

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Go fishing. Or go to church. Same thing, really.

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I do fish a lot. Shitty time of year for it in my part of the country though. And I’m honestly pretty fucking pissed off at God right now, but I should go to church.

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what are you fishing for? there are always fish...

God is your perception. Belief and faith are important no matter what.

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just have faith that after a bit of this pain or numbness good things will come. have faith. know it. the only way thru this is to get thru it.

i write this from memory:

"be ahead of all parting

like the winter that has just gone by.

for among these winters there will be one so endlessly winter that only by wintering through it

will your heart survive."


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You have been given a fresh start!

But something that’s illogical that you wanted when you were married.

Take a trip now! Before you get hooked up again!

Go to the Ukraine and get a beautiful woman!

Philippines or Thailand :-)

Moving starts with doing something that will take your mind off the current situation. If you need a piece of ass, go chase some!

After about of year, the pain will numb a bit. After 2 years you will be almost normal. The 3rd year consider saying out loud to yourself that you forgive the fucking bitch who ducked you up this bad.

You need to get back in the game. If you were in a poisonous relationship and your game is shit, watch some of those dating courses. Build your self confidence back up is key right now.

I have a feeling your place looks like a complete wreck, clothes every where, furniture in weird places and what not. So if you can, move. You need to leave that place ASAP because every thing you see is full of memories. Fuck, apply for jobs in a new area! Get a raise while you’re at it!

Buy a muscle car and get a young girlfriend and makes sure you have been spotted by the enemy/ her spies! Do not let her know she fucked your life up good! Show her that you are a freeman who gets laid by different good looking women! Be a winner!

Your choice: are you a worker bee or a killer bee?

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