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Same logic behind calling certain words/phrases “microagressions”. If you can deem certain language an act of aggression, then they can be met with agression/violence.

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Not just the jews.

Any wrongthink.

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In the business world the book Crucial Conversations is en vogue. This is how that book defines violence:

Common forms of violence:

CONTROLLING: coercing others to your way of thinking. Cutting others off, overstating your facts, speaking in absolutes, dominating the conversation.

LABELING: stereotyping or categorizing people. Name-calling, generalizing

ATTACKING: belittling or threatening the other person.

The book also seems to suggest that silence might be a form of violence unless the person not speaking verbally clarifies that their silence is not violence.

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Literally none of that is actually violence.

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You mean exactly what the left is doing to white males? Every one of those forms of “violence” is happening.

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Came here to make this point. This has been done before in history. We are seeing a rhyming of it once again.

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You could summarize everything you just said with "fuck the jews" it would mean the same thing.

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True that, but kids have got to learn this again, and grow a spine. So the kid called you a name, so you feel offended get over it!

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Bullying is normal. Kids used to fight, and name call eachother, it's all normal. Yet school shootings weren't a thing.

Now if you defend yourself against a bully you get in just as much trouble as the fucking bully. So people just build up their rage until some kid fucking loses it and grabs his dad's rifle.

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They stopped letting kids go outside and removed any chance of unsupervised playtime with each other so they wouldn't learn that sticks and stones will break their bones abut words are just words.

Women do what the media tells them experts tell them what to do. They were all encouraged to believe their own mothers were idiots and don't know anything about child raising,so grandma had no say. Throw in "get a job and day care drop" and you have a generation of institutionalized adults.

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Yes and technology in general has helped us to become lazy ass whiners with an instant gratification syndrome.

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I'd expand that communities becoming hostile to residents has also created this shift. Knocking on a neighbors door is "insane" in modern communities, creating a sense that being shuned is normal. And with the internet recording everything, there is no escape from being shuned. So when someone uses words against a person, it's a sign that they are getting cut off from their last community. This sense of truly being alone is what people really fear.

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lmao then why do republicans bitch and REEEEE over every little insult democrats make at least be consistent 😂 😂 😂

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I have updated the phrase:

Guns and knives may take our lives,

But names will never hurt us.

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You should see if /v/emergencynation needs a poet laureate.

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Very interesting site, I sub'd it. And now before I go...

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New debate concept....trial by multi nigger assault. If 20 SJW niggers try to beat you up and you beat them, it proves you are racist. If they beat you it means their cause is just. Or something, you motherfucking RACIST BIGOT!!!

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If he floats, he's a bigot warlock. If he sinks, he must have been innocent.

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we may see this again

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Someday people are going to call that phrase part of an ancient religion 😢🤣

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It's easy to dial back free speach this way.

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