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I think one of your strongest deciding factors should be the community you're attached to. Rarely, if ever, are people going to survive in groups less than two dozen. There's simply too much to do.

So my advice would be to find a rural community that you trust and has values similar to your own. Make friends and get used to depending on each other. Maybe you're a welder and he's an electrician, you get the idea.

Doomer tactics like the ability to put up night patrols and aim multiple dozens of guns at attackers are valuable points to group life, but so are mundane skills. Women who know how to cook from actual fucking vegetables instead of reheating frozen trays. Children who can entertain themselves out in the real world instead of plugging into Fortnite all day. Gunsmiths, plumbers, roofers, police, construction workers, everyone has a skill you don't.

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All excellent points to consider.

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South America

Actually not a bad place, good climate to grow stuff, cheap real-state, less densely populated than Europe, incompetent governments (and the government is not your friend).

The con being the local demography, a horde of mestizos might try to overrun your compound when SHTF. Firearms are sometimes illegal as well, though going back to incompetent authorities and poor rule of law you can make it work.

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Dude, just go to Mengele's colony in Argentina. Waaaayyyyy south.

Apparently, there's always reports of odd aircraft in that area.

Perhaps there is a Remnant of our favorite empire.... Likely not, but hey...

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I’ll probably start looking at Chile first down there, as far as that goes. Not to mention it is supposedly 64% white, which really means european ancestors.

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Lots of people like to claim there's no white person left in South America. I can tell you there's blue eyed blond or redhead pale skinned Mexican born and raised people, they are just 1.4% of the population maybe, so, not a lot; they do exist though, 4 European grandparents gives you white, regardless of whether that happened north or south of Texas. Argentina and Uruguay should be the best places in that regard in the region, with at least 85% real whites.

Chile is not doing bad at all with like 60% as you mentioned, though it is less white for a variety of reason, one of them being a less stringent definition of Whiteness, in which for example a castizo (75% white and 25% indian or so), would be considered white. Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and a few other countries got a lot of French, Italian, Polish, Russian, and German immigrant waves in the XX century and Chile kind of didn't, so even though most white Latin Americans are of Spanish ancestry, in Chile the proportion is even higher, and given they weren't populated by Northern, blonder Spaniards they almost universally have dark hair for example. Less "Afro-Chileans" than "Afro-Colombians" or Black Brazilians, and less indigenous left around than Mexico, Peru, or Bolivia would be the flip-side.

Evidently this is considered White in Chile, I would say there's a speck of Indian blood there, though I'm no ethnologist. There's White Chileans to be sure, going back a bit, I had a white Chilean expat girl in my elementary school class. I kinda of lost track a bit here, hope you found it informative.

t. never been to Chile, but I do enjoy reading about demographics of the region

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I'm headed to where there's lots of snow each winter.

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Zombies don't usually survive in winter - they freeze. Don't make noise or call attention to yourself, live quietly with a dozen fellow humans out in a rural area that's easily fortified. Grow lots of food and learn to ride a horse.

Gosh I wonder what all those zombie movies could have been allegories for...?

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Tell that to the spook eyed, ghoulish zombie Somalians over running Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin.

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Yup. The DoD doesn't seem so dumb since they routinely do zombie horde defense planning.

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I'm not budging come what may. I was born here, this is where I shall remain, in my home country. I'll deal with whatever comes my way to the best of my abilities, I won't jump ship for reasons of safety or security. Feel free to ignore my answer as you've stated, nevertheless my answer remains the same. YMMV.

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I respect that. And if it were just me, I'd probably agree with the sentiment. However, I can't be agree, when I think about the long term future of my children. I see bloody civil war, invasion by "rescuers" and ethnic cleansing if your caught in the wrong spot well on its way. It's really the thing that's motivating me to find a safe haven for them. Blame evolution if you will for ensuring parents try to protect their kids.

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I don't have children so when shit hits the fan in going to make sure there is some ethnic cleansing going on.

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East of the rockies, west of the Mississippi.

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Probably Tajikistan for me. I cannot imagine an international conflict ever reaching there, as isolated as it is. If civilization fails entirely then you just live in a village somewhere in the mountains and farm the valleys as they've been doing continuously for the past several thousand years.

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