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Pretty that's already a think in the UK. But US isn't far behind. Women can't even play trans characters, straights can't play gays, even white skinned Egyptians get flack for playing Egyptian characters....

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to bad. In my opinion the Brits did it best (e.g. Montey Python)

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TOO TRUE. Loved Monty Python, still the best.

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Ya, I can't see the concept of comedy living much longer for the Brits.

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they managed to get to both americans and brits. you guys seem to be more into brash loud and slapstick where as there was a fuckton of not so obvious cultural and historical jokes on all levels for people on the brit side depending on what kind of education you had...

'Romanii's etait domum' (or however it was spelt) was more fuckin brilliant than most people know, almost every private schoolboy up until just after those dudes went to university learned latin, they were retelling their own history from the point of view of being in that history.

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Mrs Brown's Boys is a primetime BBC sitcom. The main character is a middle aged white bloke in a dress. It's terrible, but it isn't banned yet. The BBC would be the first to buckle like a fucking belt.

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Hey gerard butler made that shitty egyptian transofrmers movie.

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Nah they have a problem with people doing it to get off.

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You mean until it's forced upon society to accept it as normal and they all come out of the proverbial closet. Not long. You've already opened up Pandora box with forced acceptance of.gay marriage. It's only a matter of time your put on trial for shaming a pedophile. Enjoy what you started because it's going to be a shitshow.

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Glasgow gay pride banned drag queens one year as they were "misoginistic and transphobic."

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Isn't it already done and kind of like a cult tribunal thing? Making black celebrities wear dresses has been a cult stigma for a while.

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Dave Chapelle talking about why he rejected his $50 million offer and went to Africa.

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Ding! It's time you raysis homofoad!!

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Dave Chapell talked about this. To be a successful actor or comedian, especially a black actor or comedian, you must be willing to cross dress. Virtually every major movie star, especially blacks, have done it.

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How long until blackface is the new men dressing up as women?

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you sir, are a ray of hope

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The day when Monty Python is seen as anything but awesome is the day I want off this planet.

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