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It’s not removed from urban dict u dumb nigger: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Glow%20in%20the%20dark

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The correct term is Glow In The Dark CIA Nigger.

Watch this.

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Well now I know to stick a gun in the mouth of any glow in the dark child cia niggers trying to come onto me all horny(FBI). THIS is critical to know in life because you could get run over by Bill Gates herd of nigger cattle!!

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dude is very crazy. however.....there is weird little echos of stuff we know is going on. i'll bet this guy saw REAL shit that broke his mind.

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Video covers a lot of the basics about TAD, but holy shit, that narrator and his Jew sarcasm.

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Jim's not a jew (he merely has a lot of rabbis donating superberries) - he's a 100% potato nigger.

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Jim’s Asian girlfriend idolizes Hitler. I don’t think the guy’s a Jew

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It's a CIA nigger. They glow in the dark because they're fucking spooks.

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love that old term

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see i always thought a glownigger was just a nigger pretending to be reasonable (aka white) but failing dismally at hiding the fact theyre 100% black.

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It's because they are aliens, faggot nigger at the bottom of the sea.

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Clowns In America put a special type of IR light, or a reflector, or some shit, in their clothes. It makes their whole body look like a big blotchy blob on security cameras, masking their appearance and making them impossible to identify. Anyone who looks at the footage just sees someone who appears to be "glowing in the dark."

Lately it's turned into an insult, as their tactics to control dialogue and astroturf arguments are pretty transparent. So when someone "glows in the dark" on forum posts, they are doing a shit job and giving themselves away.

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or just apply your favorite standard titanium oxide based spf 45 sunscreen....

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Whoa! I didn't think there was a logical reason for the term, thanks!

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RIP Terry Davis!

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I wonder if he's hanging out with Tay in the big network in the sky.

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Um... by now he's made his own Tay, with his own compiler because he's white.

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CIA. Glowing in the dark is basically when they try to “fit in” generally, on 4chan but also H8 chan, but they’re so fucking retarded and cannot in any way understand the “culture” beyond PP presentations, they fail dismally, like a dumb nigger fails at everything.

In other words, they stand out from the crowd as not fitting in. Different from just someone whose new and openly doesn’t understand the culture, but hasn’t followed the “lurk two years” rule.

Glow niggers generally, like FBI, are either trying to start shit (“hey, we should all get together and shoot up a synagogue!”) or are committing basic bitch shillery, usually trying to make the Chans look bad. They also post a lot of porn and gore. Again, trying to make it look bad/inhospitable, especially to newbs.

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this guy is correct. it's really a reference to how easy it is to spot them based on their language and behavior. they're trying to be shadowy but really they glow in the fucking dark. It seems like the decent, sporting thing to let them know this, because they are so blind to it. In a world of mediocre shills you learn to appreciate the pro's.

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Case in point...

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Lurk moar

OP is a faggot

RIP Terry A Davis

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They glow in the dark CIA men, you can literally spot them

If you see em, hit em with your car

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