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For spying governments? It was specifically, intentionally written for them.

I'm not saying you're wrong but do you have some evidence to back this claim up? Or is this pure conjecture on your part?


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Not yet, but given time it'll all be more than obvious. Microsoft switching to a free model, even if only for a moment, means they'll be covered under what is becoming a very solid truism on the Internet:

"If you're not paying for it, you ARE the product."

Now who might be paying MS for unfettered access to data?


[–] noep 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

If you're not paying for it, you ARE the product.

I agree this is an accurate statement.

But, just playing Devil's Advocate for the sake of discussion, that doesn't mean Windows 10 was written specifically for spying governments. It doesn't even really mean that anything nefarious at all is happening, or will happen.

If your logic says that by switching to a free model, things will absolutely go in the worst possible direction - meaning governments will use Windows 10 to spy on users, or worse, then the same logic could be used to say that something on the opposite end of the spectrum could happen - Microsoft will use anonymous data for the purposes of selling to advertisers or something equally as innocuous.

I tend to lean towards a more pessimistic outlook on this like you do, but I have no evidence that I'm right in that thinking. I have suspicion, that's about it.

Honestly, it makes perfect sense for them to do go this route and actually seems like just about the smartest move they could make in order to compete with Apple and Google.