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I wish this was true for everything windows 7+. I got so frustrated I got a Mac. Still have to use that shit for work though and it's barely functional. I think we are on 9. It has a lay out that was meant for some sort of tablet-laptop hybrid that makes running it on a laptop miserable. The 2013(?) excel is also a huge pain in my ass.

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That sounds right. Trust me, it is miserable for a regular laptop. You have to make swipe motions with the mouse, but not in a fucional way like the Mac track pad and gesture short cuts. Excel 2014 is horrid too. They just moved stuff around so basic graphing tools are hidden. Took me an hour to find where to get an equation on my graph.

Edit to add- I am pretty miffed with Yosemite and that obnoxious Notification Center too, but it's still way more functional. And they FUCKED iTunes on my phone with the update to add radio.