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Marijuana and caffeine

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I know weed gets allot of hate on voat and from the alt right but I smoke it too. It's the best way to unwind and not feel like shit in the morning. Actually if I weren't high most the time I probably would have gone postal by now.

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Right there with you, man. I grow my own, so it has hobby value as well.

I only use at night, when I'm done being responsible for the day. Not that my use impairs me. I've been a cannabis user for thirty years.

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Last time I smoked weed, I spent 20 minutes in front of my fridge contemplating how all you need in life is bread, water and sun.

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Ill trade the haze for the moments of clarity where you can see things outside the narrative

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I take an iodine and magnesium supplement on top of those.

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I make sure to always cook with iodized salt

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Where do get it from? How much is it?

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Just take a multivitamin. It's cheaper and includes more stuff.

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Same. Is it even a medication if it comes from a plant?

EDIT since apparently everyone thinks I'm retarded: Yes, obviously they are "drugs" in the sense that they're psychoactive. But I wouldn't call my morning cup of coffee "medication"-- that word is reserved for substances that are extracted and consistently dosed to be used for curing pain, diseases, etc. Similarly, weed in its natural form is not "medication" until it is put into a pill / spray / lozenge or whatever.

No, just because it's from a plant doesn't mean it's safe. But if it's from a plant and is also proven to be safe, and also is not used for medical purposes most of the time, I wouldn't call it "medication" any more than a beer is "medication".

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Jesus this train of thought is the worst. What does coming from a plant have to do with anything.

Nightshade comes from a plant, no harm because it's a plant right?

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Aspirin comes from plants. Willow tree bark

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Plants and fungi are the backbone of modern medicine. That's how it all got started.

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Yes. It is.

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Im on soy pills and estrogen

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How are the titties coming along?

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I finally believe something you said, faggot.

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Do you wear women’s clothes

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Lemme see those braaahstss

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I am 82 today! On January 7, 1999 I walked out of the oncologist's office after he told me there was nothing I could eat or drink that would change the multiple surgeries I was going to have to endure. I have not been in a m.d.'s office since! I take no drugs of any kind and work out everyday (just finished today's)! Remember the guy saying, "Let food be your medicine"? Doctors disagree. They do not make $$'s by suggesting what you should eat.

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None of my grandparents took pharma pills. They lived well into their 80's. All of them were good old white country people.

I am in my late 60's and I take no pills whatsoever and never have. Neither does my wife (whose entire family tree is good old white country people).

This current medical practice of pushing pills on people is truly Satanic.

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One of they keys to a long and healthy life is daily exercise. Those old dudes might not be playing intense sports, but that doesn't mean they can't walk around the park or take a short hike in the woods. They're also able to swim and kayak, and casually shoot hoops.

You don't have to be religious about exercise, and it's okay to skip days. But it's important to at least stay active during your senior years.

As for my dad, he still does archery. This includes walking around rugged terrain with shots of varying difficulties. Stay active people.

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82 and still working out! Awesome my friend.

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Thank you!

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God bless you. My Dad works out everyday too, he is 80. Says it keeps him young. He is on no medication. He does take bee pollen, a multi vitamin and 1 glass of red wine daily.

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Absolutely no issue with any of that! I did give up the wine sometime ago but only because I live alone and my dog would not join me and the glass was becoming a bottle.
And your dad is correct about keeping him young. Please share my saying with him; ACT OLD LATER

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Bee pollen is a superfood. Just started it myself.

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you sir are correct. it doesnt mean everyone will be 100 ,but food and exercise are primary. doctors know this and agree. they just wont tell you that to your face past 20y.o

have a long rest of your life!

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Oh, nice, 3 days account is data mining.

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Coming from someone with questionable submission patterns...

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You guys need to look into:

Megadosing (liposomal) vitamin C (super antioxidant)

C60 (super antioxidant, anti aging)

NMN (anti aging)

C60 and NMN are somewhat expensive but they're amazing. Normal supplements: multi-vitamin (at least the recommended dosage) and omega-3 with vitamins B+D+E.

Combine these with low-carb, high fat, moderate protein diet heavy with vegetables and NO SUGAR. You should also do intermittent fasting.

Do this and I promise you, you will live fucking forever and your energy levels will be godlike.


Here's some info from post below






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Citric acid (fluoride interaction)




Fulvic acid



Vitamin D

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Upvoated for Rhodiola.

For extra awesome, combine with Eleuthero and Schizandra.

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Aging and dying are as natural as living.

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Sounds good but I don't want to live forever. Maybe when I'm 80 I might reconsider.

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straight of a joe rogan podcast

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no alcohol, nicotine or caffeine (well there is some in kombucha) for eight months. raw ginseng and all kinds of herbal teas, (ginkgo, damiana, calendula, jiaogulan etc ). a few supplements from time to time: B, C, Mg, a multi, cold pressed krill oil, CoQ...

bee products, propolis, pollen, bee bread, royal jelly , pretty much daily, but in small quantities

for pain: manuka with bee venom internally, and essential oil blend w carrier oil topically

for sleep: chamomile, valerian, catnip, st johns wort tea blend. also hops.

food is the real medicine: frozen or fresh fruits, berries, veggies with anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, soluble fibers, green smoothies, bone broths.. only two vegetable oils: evoo and coconut oil. nothing else. animal fats: homemade tallow, duck and goose fat, pig fat. butter and ghee. most of my food is homemade and plant based from my own organic garden. i do buy buckwheat, pulses, brown rice, unprocessed meats and fish (i also can catch my own). homemade acv.

homemade soap and shampoo bars (use NaOH), and homemade liquid soap (use KOH) for dish washing end even for the laundry. no petrochemicals of any kind.

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for pain: a spinal column and patience

for sleep: a good day's work followed by busting a nut

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good on you.

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Good job !!

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You're not alone. Nothing here either.

Nobody likes me. That's probably just cohencidental because I am an asshole. I probably wouldn't like me either if I was on medications.

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I like ya never change

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I don't have a problem with the medications (some at least) I have a huge problem with the over prescription of them for profit. Most people don't need the medications they are on.

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