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End the NDAA provision that protects Hoaxing the public. It's not propaganda, it's terrorism

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But then shlomo would have to get an honest job. They'd destroy the world before they'd allow that. Or atleast make some brutal false flags and toss in a few swastikas for the soft bellied goyim.

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It's not propaganda, it's terrorism.

If it's politically motivated it's sedition to achieve subversion. If they're foreign it's an infiltration and if they're Americans it's just part of democracy.

People these days are so coddled and naive that they think subversion is democracy forgetting it's organized by a foreign entity not the local people. They think things like economic warfare are theories that don't really exist in their democracy or a capitalist society so subversion is completely lost on them.

Remember education changed and it's not like it was. Kids in the early 1900's knew way more about how life worked before they got to high school than most learn graduating with a bachelors from colleges

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locate a specific case preceded by threats.

IE finds threats that created an attack, locate that attack

go from there with that

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Step One: Get them to say they can't say negative stuff about non-whites because it could cause violence against them.
Step Two: Document all the negative stuff they say against us

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Need to start an NAAWP

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I prefer setting up our own everything: https://voat.co/v/AskVoat/3026350/16680004/ but lawfare is also a part of that.

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Probably the best option, honestly

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File complaint at the county clerk's office and send copy to state attorney general and send subpeona to defendant.

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dirty-gypsy-jews have infiltrated our "government" and "legal" system.... "judges" are either dirty-gypsy-jews or their puppets... govern yourself accordingly!

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  1. Choose a day

  2. Get some rope

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Jussie? Is that you??

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Start a Federal or State Law campaign that would require "journalists" to be licensed.

Bad story bye by license.

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state law


How about no. Government isn't the answer to the problem, it is the problem. Having a license would not only limit free speech, but give the propaganda machine an advantage over any other unbiased media outlet.

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jesus was nothing but a fucking jew. if he was in auschwitz id give him a tattoo

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Zionism = Tribal / Cultural Operating System

Islam = Cultural Operating System

Christianity = Divided Flock Control System - but has a solid moral code we are looossssing...

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outstanding question !

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Lawsuits aren’t going to solve shit here moron

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