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Jesus made a mockery of the jews religion by showing their hypocrisy. The idea that there is a supreme race comes from Judaism, not from Naziism, and Jesus rubbed their collective incestual nose in their own shit by redirecting focus to all people being created in the image of God - not some select few child fuckers.

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They dont like the part where He cursed them either...

Matthew 21:43 - Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.

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Christians are waking up and are pissed! The Jew lies are getting too obvious.


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This Jewish supremacis nonsense needs to be exposed and stopped. They uphold their power structure by force, corruption, and nepotism.

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SumerBreeze delivering red pills via Falcon Punch.

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"when people claim it's a Jewish tool to control Goy?"

You fell for Jewish JIDF tricks. They want you to be their useful idiot, their proxy warrior to hate and fight Christianism, because that's what it means to be a Jew. The Jewish "people", it isn't an ethnicity, it isn't a "race", it's a theological construct, it's a group who founded itself on a negative identity of rejecting the Christ and thus rejecting Christianity for more than 2000 years. It's not a racial problem, there is no biological continuity between the Jews at the time of the Crucifixion, and the Azkenazis Jews of today in Israel. The Azkenazis aren't "Semites", the are from the biological area of Turkey. (thus ironically making the Israelites Jews the biggest anti-Semites of the world, against the Palestinians of today which are the Semites).

So in other words, by manipulating you to hate and reject Christianity, and by manipulating you into identifying yourself as a "white guy", a "Pagan" or a "white supremacist", you unknowingly become a crypto-Jew, an useful idiot to fight their fight against Christianity. So please, do not fall into the trap of this philosophy of "biological materialism" (a.k.a Darwinism), because you'll end up being a Jew, having the same values as a Jew, praising the same things as a Jew, and hating and rejecting the same things without as a Jew...All of that while pretending to hate the Jews. So you'll end up being the very person you claim to despise, and you'll be trapped, because you'll be their useful idiot for their battles against Christianity. And do not even think that you can out-Jew the Jews by trying to be better Jews, it's not possible, because the Jewish people have been Jews for more than 2000 years without interruptions, while you might be a neo-Jew for not even 100 years.

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Fwiw, antisemite is a misnomer.

Antisemite ≠ against semites

Antisemite = people the Jews don't like

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The term "Semite" was a term created by the Church and not even by the Jews (even though they profited from this term tremendously), but it was invented by a goy who hated the Church (a Nietzsche disciple if I recall). He hated Christianity, but he saw the Jewish Problem from his eyes. The problem from his prospective is that all the vocabulary and lexical on how to talk about the Jews and the Jewish Question were all theological, all from the bible, and not based on any concept of race or biology. And since he wanted to deal with the Jews in a non-christian way, he decided to deal with them with their supposed "race", thus dealing with them on the base of their biology. So he saw that the Jews of the time of Christ were "Semites", so he call them the Semites. That has been one of the best things that happened to the Jews, since it legitimize their concept and legitimacy of the "chosen people", of the "Sperm of Abraham" and thus of "master race". But it also makes the huge mistake of thinking that the Jews of the first century were the same, biologically speaking, than the Jews of the 18th century, which is FALSE. But the Jews want to believe it, since they depend on it for their racial supremacist religion. Furthermore, the term "antisemitism" justify for modern Jews their establishment in today's Israel, as the "inheritors" and "true owner" of the Palestinian land, because they are the "true" Semites who's ancestors lived there 2000 years ago. Like I said before, it's false, the Israelites Jews are biologically from the area of Turkey, they do not have any legitimacy to occupy Palestine, it's not the land of their ancestors, it's the land of Semites, the actual Palestinians. Jews have no ancestors, they have no roots, like I said, they are a theological construct. So Israel is a theft of land by the Jews, and they manage to gain legitimacy for it because they were labeled "Semites".

Edit: If you want the guy's name, the one who created the term Semite for the Jews, please tell me, so that I can search it and post it here.

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I love how on line historical warriors like to make these claims and the truth is no one really knows. There are different jew blood lines three major ones but no one really knows. I know a genetisit studied some jews in europe a specific area and realised they were 98 perfent seperate from the local community. He didnt equate that to being hyper racist but i certainly did.

The god damn bible was a collection of letter cannonised by a group of romans 427 years after jesus died? Were any of the letters at the time actualy the real letters? When you look into christianity its foundation is truly a joke. 2 historians of the time period said about 2 things about jesus? Pretty weird if jesus was raising the dead and walking on water for fun white also turning water into wine! I would think there would be a little more historical writtings. You fucking christ cucks who seceretly love jews are part of the problem.

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The worst part is that these fuckers never fail to play a lefty game. "Oh look at us, we are the most attacked. You pagans and white supremacists are part of the Jewish plan! Hurr durr, I'm going to worship a kike now"

Christians in the nationalist movement are such a fucking joke and an insult to the rest of us.

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Were any of the letters at the time actualy the real letters?


Pretty weird if jesus was raising the dead and walking on water for fun white also turning water into wine! I would think there would be a little more historical writtings.

The very fact that his memory survived is testimony. I'm sure there were all kinds of cranks during that period and nobody has ever heard of them. To have a community rise up around this man and not die off despite the worst persecutions probably means there was something there.

You fucking christ cucks who seceretly love jews are part of the problem.

You have a horrible attitude. Go work on yourself first before giving advice to others.

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History = His Story. No one seems to get that. It's anyone's guess what actually happened in the distant past. Reality is it doesn't matter and people love wasting time and energy arguing about who's guess is better. Hilarious.

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You can test someone's DNA to determine if they are a kike. How in the world can you assert it's not biological?

How is this horseshit being upvoted? Are there really that many Qtards here?

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what tests are you talking about? 23 and me and the like only assert youre from a specific geographical region bc of the shared DNA between people from that region. If youre talking about tests for things such as disease susceptibility/ genetic variance, that also is due to geographic region. The entire argument is that the Jews of Biblical times are not the Jews now, as present day Jews are Ashkenazi and descendants of Turkey. So yea....the Jews of today will have commonalities in their DNA profile bc duh they came from the same area.

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" It's not a racial problem"

Sure it is. I agree that there are diverse races within Judaism, such as the black Jews from Africa. They are minor characters at best. I don't see black Jews undermining western culture.

The problem consists of the Sephardics and Ashkenazi. The latter are VERY MUCH a closely defined genetic group with strong genetic markers and even their own diseases (e.g., Tay Sachs).

Sure, if we wipe them out the ideology could remain. That's fine. Get rid of most of the Jews and let a few splinter groups wander around muttering about being the chosen people. Never ever let them have any power ever again.

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The biggest mistake that people have is thinking that the Jews are somehow a unified force, that they all work in unison to the exact same goals, that's completely false as there are many factions. The Jewish Talmud teaches that Jesus is a really bad, anti Jewish false Messiah and because of that they attack Christianity as they have done so for almost 1500 years ever since that devil book was first published and circulated. In doing so, the Jews don't realize that if they succeed, they will have effectively removed the only moral shield that protects them from white people. Without Christianity being a major religion, an actual REAL holocaust will occur worldwide and will probably be their permanent undoing.

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Jews are somehow a unified force

There are at least 2 distinct competing groups: International Jew and the Zionists. Talmud is 'interpretations' by rabbis of the Torah and is written to be intentionally complex to the point of being gibberish to the layman. These linguistic challenges make their brains more verbally acute. These imposters have hijacked a once Noble religion and bastardized it into the Synagogue of Satan.

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The International Jew IS the Zionist. They want diversity for thee so that they can rule over a dumb World of people from Zion (Israel). This is the plan - wake up. As soon as the West becomes negroized from "global warming migration" since for just $1 you can feed Jamal in Africa and all that... Then the Jew will run to Israel and rule.

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I do think there are two factions, but I actually think that these factions actually work together and complement eachother. Zionism (National Socialism) for Israel to make them strong, and Marxism for other countries to weaken and degrade them.

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Exactly, the Church is the only institution that can save the Jews from themselves (because the christian solution to the Jewish Question is not murder).

But by constantly attacking Christianity, which deals with the Jews from a theological point of view, and the Jews who see themselves as the racial master race, if they win the war against Christianity, they will bring their own fall. Because the Church refuses to see the Jews according to their terms, the church never sees the Jews as a racial/biological problem but as a theological problem. However, if the Church is no more, then the """white guys""" will view the Jews as the Jews view themselves, and they will really learn their message...and thus if the Jews are to be seen from a "chosen people" perspective, a biological perspective, then, the """white guy""", seeing how much trouble the Jewish People causes everywhere it goes, has no other choice to think that the solution to the Jewish Problem is extermination...Isn't that the logical conclusion here? And that's what the Jews will have to face if they keep undermining the Church, the Church is the only institution that can truly protect them from themselves. If the Jews impose their own views on the goyim, and not the vision of the Church on the JQ, then, they are going to suffer enormously. The violent way is not a good solution for anyone, I hope we can find a relatively peaceful Christian solution, but it's up to the Jews now, the ball is on their camp.

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the Church is the only institution that can save the Jews

You hit the nail on the head! Therefore, we need to eliminate the church.

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"In doing so, the Jews don't realize that if they succeed, they will have effectively removed the only moral shield that protects them from white people"

That's why they are trying to create a set of new religions: secular humanism, trans humanism, luciferianism, new age, etc etc. Doesn't matter what label it is, the strategy is to give people some spiritual beliefs, the core of which is Jewish suffering and the holocaust. Jordan Peterson is one manifestation of this.

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It can be both.

Kikes hate that Christians stole the Messiah. They also see opportunity in being seen as authority figures.

That last statement is 100% true. All the christcucks I know in the south Revere them for one reason or another. It's disgusting.

At least Catholics used to have deicide.

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It’s not so much that Christians “stole” the Messiah. It’s that the Jews of the time wanted a political leader who would come in fighting, like David, and free them from Roman rule. God had other plans and other aims. I suspect what actually got them mad (at least at the time) was that Jesus obviated the old rules and Christianity was for everyone, Gentiles too. If they lost anything, it was easy (external) virtue-signaling and their “specialness” as the chosen people. That probably hurt worse.

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"Roman rule" - Whites. The eternal enemy. Religion of War and Islam is the sword of Judaism against the North.

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They want to destroy the whites, breed a society of mystery meat slaves. Christianity has served its purpose, it can be eliminated.

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They view themselves as God's chosen, so anyone doing better than them has to be destroyed. If they aren't on top and in control, they'll burn it all down until they are in control of the ashes.

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There are two factions of Jews, religious and non religious. They both want you gone, they just disagree on how.

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You forgot about the Sword of Judaism - the Muslim population. That makes 3 factions of Jews. The holy Trinity.

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Muslims are a weapon, not a faction.

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Destroy Christianity:

75% or so of US Jews are only vaguely religious at best, and one of their primary agendas is to remove all the constraints Christianity used to force upon social behavior.

Consider what has become socially normative since 1950: unrestricted promiscuity/co-habitation/childbirth outside of wedlock, atheism, rudeness, provocative/offensive modes of dress, unruly behavior in classrooms/shops/public transportation, drug use and drunkenness, unlimited free pornography, homosexuality. These and more have been heavily promoted and pushed incrementally via Jewish-controlled media, academia, SPLC/ACLU-style lawfare, and public education.

Another component of the agenda is indeed to weaken or destroy Christianity due to its historic role in anti-Jewish pogroms. Jews worked tirelessly to force the Catholic church and others to not only deny their own scripture, but also to worship Jews and Israel.

Subvert non-Jews via Jew-created religion:

Many non-Christians on the Right view Christianity/Catholicism as Jewish psy-ops meant to mislead or hypnotize gentiles so they are more easily controlled. This isn't a very compelling historical argument, since Catholicism was an inextricable socio-cultural component which accompanied The Holy Roman Empire's having conquered and colonized much of the known world for a good thousand years.

But much of Christianity HAS been subverted at this point in order to support Israel and Jewish programs like "multiculturalism", and many on the Right correctly identify this.

At the same time, a significant percentage of Christianity has been eradicated from Western culture in the modern era, with far fewer children being indoctrinated into these beliefs. Adults are unlikely to acquire such mythological beliefs later in life, after their logical faculties have developed.

When examined rationally, nothing about the Old or New Testaments is remotely compelling as "objective truth". The most that can be said is that they might contain some kind of significant philosophical conclusions related to "human spirituality". Given modern Jewish control over Christian doctrine, and the easily-dismissed claims to truth/reality Christianity asserts, it's not much of a stretch to label the whole thing as a subversive psy-op.

Some Europeans on the Right look back toward the belief-systems of their ancestors, prior to Roman conquest and the forced-conversion to Catholicism. Regressing to Stone Age religions seems like a fairly retarded approach on its surface, but the aim seems to be to recapture ethnic cohesion via the inclusion of ancestral beliefs free from Judaic influence. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all sprung from the Middle East, and all proclaim the Jews' Bible as "holy"; European-resurgents hope to purge this anti-European subversive nonsense from their midst, and rightly recognize that something must fill the void.

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" one of their primary agendas is to remove all the constraints Christianity used to force upon social behavior. " Except according to Titus of Rome, having seen and lived among the Germanic tribes prior to Christianity, the Whites were moral all by themselves. They didn't need Christianity and still don't need it. What you see is the Jew in control and showing HIS values. This degeneracy is natural to the Jew. It's not the loss of Christianity it's the loss of White power.

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