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Niggers are retarded and are so stupid they can't process that information.

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I've redpilled a couple at work, they know what happens when they run off the plantation. It's just easier to live the lie and enjoy the gibs rather than be labeled an Uncle Tom and chased down by dogs.

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That's pretty much it. Not much honor amongst thieves.

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Slave life:

They'd rather live on their knees than die on their feet!

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Sadly this. Making the distinction between actual whites and white-skinned jews is already the root of the problem for whites themselves, don't get too much hope with niggers.

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except when it is Professor Griff talking about Judaism;


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Malcom-X knew. But he was an aberration.

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Uh no farrakan literally talks about this all the time,plenty of them know it's Jews.

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Farrakan is a retard.

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The Jews will make sure that never happens for 1, 2nd Niggers will blame Whites for saying it was the Jews.

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Fuck, you made me choke on my mister Pibb

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grape drink niggga

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Mr.pibb is the urban brand

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A brand i liked. I thought it went out of production.

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Yeah Mr. Pibb!!!! That's the stuff!!!!

Love me some Pibb...

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I suspect nothing. There is no diifference between whites and Jews as far as they know.

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I am hispanic and I can confirm this comment.

Canadians, americans, jews, british, finns, russians = WHITE

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do you confuse Indians from Indian and Africans from Africa? Same skin tone.....different race Jews have to give DNA to get into Israel...they are a different race from Europeans American and Canadians ARE European

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That’s right! You get my point.

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At least for blacks living in the Jew York City area they know that Jews are terrible people although I don't think they know all the history of how terrible they are and they aren't going to distinguish between whites and shape shifted Jews.

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ROFL Good one!

Now do Asians and empathy.

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Blacks don't see jews as not being white pepo.

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this, blacks are the most racist in the classic sense, they see white skin and instantly decide, they don't care to delve deeper

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Sadly blacks can only distinguish between black and not-black.

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nothing they even have a hate towards lighter skinned blacks. look at what they do to their albinos

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Most niggers will never learn it.

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when blacks learn

Are you familiar with the Latin phrase "non sequitur"?

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