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Yes because people that believe it are genuinely fucking retarded. This whole anti Russia shit is just annoying at this point. I'm Russian myself and to see the same bullshit spread online makes me want to nuke Israel.

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IDK how people live to be like... 30, 40, 50+ years old while somehow learning so little about the world that they believe shit like this.

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I just ask how many years should a reasonable investigation take if there is something there.

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I make fun of all meme-zombies and parroters equally

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All the time. It's really easy to trigger their NPC response that everything TV has said.

Only one guy seemed intelligent enough to annoy me with the Russia probe but it's because I've known him for so long and ALL he does is watch night talk shows and the news on a constant cycle so he has 100% of this completely fabricated story memorized in his head and every day he's like "Haha yes Trump is finally going to jail soon". He's so widely delusional its insane.

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There should be a 1800 number to call up and report mentally ill people. What the fuck happened to that?

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I like to bring up Rocky 4 and Iron Eagle 2 when they get into it.