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It didn't reach the goal in time, the guy started working with another organization to help with getting the funds, and the campaign refunded everyone's money.

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haha you silly goys crack me up with how you fall for everything no matter how blatantly stupid it is. shaloms

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You don't backdoor tax government DUTIES.

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Last I checked it fizzled out at just under 21 million for the wall and the ladders was at 125K. I have been very interested in the social studies aspect.

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It's still active but it reroutes to a fund that at least claims to be looking at private options on voluntarily landowners property to supplement whatever Trump may get. I checked it a couple days ago and think it stalled out around 21 million.

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Your names are on a list somewhere.

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What a coincidence, so are the globalists and their useful idiots.

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Fhe GoFundMe was controlled by the jews. They want to keep Americans believing that they have hope so they dont fight back