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“The war would never have been possible without the sinister influence of the Jesuits.” - Abe Lincoln.

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You should read Lincoln and the Jews.

(((Abraham))) loved the tribe. They put him in office.

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Hey Abraham! Nice watch!

Thanks! My dad sold it to me before he died.

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Interesting. Thanks ill look it up.

*got cancer just googling lincoln and the jews. (((they))) literally call him another Moses.

Not gonna wade through that crap to see what he said about them.

If ya have a link, ill pet a kitten on your behalf.

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Had to research the source.

Charles Chiniquy has Lincoln saying, “This war would never have been possible without the sinister influence of the Jesuits. We owe it to Popery that we now see our land reddened with the blood of her noblest sons” (Chiniquy, Fifty Years in the Church of Rome, 1886 , pg 699)

Many historians seem to have trouble with the validity but interesting, Harris who served on Lincoln's cabinet and investigated his assassination clearly believes Chiniquy and even wrote a book "Rome's Responsibility for the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln."

Conversation here:


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Of course they do.

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Ulysses S. Grant (Union/ North) and Robert E. Lee (Confederate/ South).

One of the most famous thing to happen between the North and the South, the Union & The Confederates, was the Souths "Unconditional Surrender". Take note of this. It's Historically proven that Ulysses S. Grant convinced Robert E. Lee to lay down their arms and for the South Confederates to surrender.

I can only speculate because it was never documented in the History books, one can only beg the question, "why?". Why did the South decide to surrender unconditionally?

It's a shame that I don't have a time machine to confirm or otherwise my suspicion, but I'd accuse that Robert E. Lee was convinced by Ulysses S. Grant, because it was exposed that Roberts movement what & who he was fighting for was for the Jews and/ or Jewish influence. I'd argue further that the evidence of this, is the fact that Southerners back then admit that they were lied to by higher ups and didn't know what was going on, all they knew was that they were told the North, the Union, was coming to attack and take away their Constitutional freedoms & liberty. So I can only speculate that the meeting between Ulysses and Robert exposed this during their peace talks and discovered that there was never any real reason to fight.

It would be great to confirm this as factually accurate to some degree, whether Jews or Jewish influence was mentioned or not. Because if so, then this just leads one such as myself to believe that there definitely was something else going on other than ending slavery & freeing slaves. Of course it wasn't entirely about slavery & freeing the slaves, we all already know as much from the History books, but there is possibly something deeper and darker that was never talked about publicly.

It makes me curious because we don't know all the facts, and what makes it worse is that our Government still holds secret meetings that the public has no knowledge about and aren't permitted to know.

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I have no knowledge of or interest in American history yet if i was you i would follow the economic repercussions of the war . Who profited from what and for how long .

Fact is that slaves are the shittiest source of manpower and the Romans paid dearly for basing their economy on slave labor .

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Evidence seems to prove you wrong. Was the souths economic power not helped by the slave labor? How were they making so much cotton and tabbacco if not for the slave manpower? I will agree long term not the solution and will lead to problems especialy if jews are around to subvert your authority. Would have been fine if the south had said fine we agree to end slavery in 20 years if you will agree all blacks must be returned to africa. Lincoln would have agreed to this plan and the entire slavery issue would have gone down as a bad hypocritic idea but at the time literaly most people in the world didnt think of blacks as human. Imagine today going to a crowded subway station and yelling blacks are dumb amd violent and cant function in society? What would happen? A black might kill you proving your point or the mob of people will shout you down. Now go to 1840 new york and yell blacks are equal to you and just as smart and their noble culture is better then ours? A smart white man might kill you? The mob will shout you down. Thats how radical a change we are witnessing in less then 150 years??? But the thing is for thousands of years it was accepted that blacks were not equal.

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Is slave labor was so economically productive, the Arab empires would have been massively powerful economically. They weren't. Slavery is inefficient.

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Was the souths economic power not helped by the slave labor

In the start sure but slaves must be fed , clothed , sheltered and they cannot be cheaply and quickly transported plus they do not generate demand . An expanding economy constantly demands new slaves and in order to do that you have to maintain a huge army force with adequate supplies . In the end it is just not worth it .

Some people assimilate while others don't , those who don't should return to their natural habitat .

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The Attorney General, Secretary of War, and Secretary of State of the Confederate States was a jew. And I think the industrialist North was even more jewed, as in the newspapers, who funded them, not sending the newly freed black to Liberia to undercut poor White's wages and make a multiracial society so the jew can hide in plain sight, don't quote me on that one though, I'd have to do some research.

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It's (((them))) every single fucking time.

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Like everything else (((they))) write our history Rand McNally etc... they also control the narrative and use Godwins Law if need be.

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The civil war was not totally about slavery, but all US involved wars are started by jews according to various articles I have read. Yes all.

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Spanish-American war?

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OF COURSE! Even PBS acknowledges that ! The Jewish press led by "Joseph Pulitzer" a jew created a "media war" to instigate and create the war.

he was newspaper publisher of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the New York World

The papers whipped up fervor.

read up on him and his jew created war :


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This link explained everything to me about the Civil War. Judah Benjamin is the cornerstone to the Cicil War and how the Jews/House of Rothschild took over our country. It’s a great read IMO and explains a lot: http://m.tomatobubble.com/site/id866.html

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Whether it's safe or not depends on where you are when you say it.

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