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In this bizarro world, BantzMan answers, “We wuz kangzzzz!” while Robb’n literally steals the hubcaps off the Bantzmobile

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Q-anon sheeeeeit tyrone

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Im tired of the 13 perfent it makes the truth sound better then the reality. 50 percent if murders are caused by black males 14 to 35 approxinqtly. What perfentage is that group of the 13 percent? Id guess between 3 and 5 percent.

The statement should be.

Approximatly 5 percent of the united states population a single group of men commit 50 percent of the murders in america. They are black christian males. Luckily for them they will be housed and fed by evil white christian males and be forgiven for their crimes.

Sorry my rant took a turn. But 90 + percent of blacks claim to be christian. So facts are facts lets not lie and as a christian you cant judge who can or can not be a christian if was you fucking idiots who thought teaching blacks chrstitianity would be a good idea. The jew used that shit against you like the truly masterful wizards they are.

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50 percent of all murders are from niggers, just think how many niggers are killers.

out of 10 niggers 7.5 of them will murder.

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Are you including women? Older black dudes when the testoterine drops off are pretty peaceful.

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Hahahahaha I still love how we argue it’s 3-4%, as if 13 and 50 isn’t bad enough

I appreciate you niggerfaggots.

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Wrong, "accounts for as little as 13%" when really it should be accounts for as little as 3-4%

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You obviously don't live in the south.

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The Niggler

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(((The Penguin))) is behind this scheme!

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Fun fact, niggle is a real word and it's one I try to use in my everyday vernacular.


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if not racist it not cool

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<- what a niggler

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Definition: "Something of little value, substance, or importance" kek

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Worse yet, that's the entire nigger population. The men do most of the killing so they are only 7% of the population doing 50% of murders and violent crime.

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