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This failed invasion was really revealing. The mob is not so effective without the active collaboration of those in power. Redditors boast of the 'hive mind', but there is no such thing. Their supposedly spontaneous mass movements are always under the control of a small cowardly cabal who need to hide themselves.

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Wait, there was an attempted invasion?

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Yup. Somehow even less successful than all the rest.

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I didn't even notice, must have just been a blip on the radar.

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the reddit hive mind equals real israeli army internet typists... its mossadism...

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the pretend-frontpage-posts on reddit is cringe as it gets

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You should check out Firefox's curated 'recommended articles' some time!

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Are those the ones that pop up when you open a new tab? They're bad, but it's not as bad as reddit since that front page of reddit it supposed to be purely people-curated content

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They don't work period, as they drive all but paid commenters and useful idiots away.

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Well, they seem pretty good at getting people to go to other sites and talk about reddit.

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Circle jerks only work when non-jerkees are kept to a minimum.

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Can you explain this to me?

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Just their stupid brainwashing techniques that only work if you're a woman, a faggot, or under constant threat of expulsion.

Without the latter and since no one cares about the second, the women join in with or or more likely sit back and laugh as the Invaders get their shit kicked.

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They will get better each time they try.

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Reality says different. Each migration has gotten more hilarious w their stupidity. The last three thought they were going to take over Voat. Theyre getting worse each time they try. The Pedes lasted a day, Qtards lasted two(then came back when Q ran them off the chans). I think the Anipedes lasted about an hour before they were totally shut down.

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Then I will get to hurl more abuse at them longer.