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That would be the equivalent of testing whether a baby will like to hunt or work on cars.

100% impossible.

Where you want to stick your junk, is a choice each person makes based on whatever lusts they have given themselves over to.

Nothing genetic or predisposed about it.

Bad parenting, bad education, abuse (even self abuse aka too much wanking), trauma etc are the cause of homosexuality and all sexual dysfunction (aka lusting for kids, animals, dead people etc).

Not dna.

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Which is funny, because the whole fag argument was predicated on "I was born this way". Now they're really out with the truth, it's just a fetish

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You mean mental disorder? Being a faggot isn't a fetish.

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The reason they pushed the "we're born this way" nonsense is to eventually get to where they wanted this to go in the first place - pedophilia.

Sodomizing another man is a choice.

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Pooper sex is now like 10x more popular among heterosexuals than a generation ago. It's obviously a result of brainwashing. Many primitive tribes haven't even discovered the concept.

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It's probably similar to the situation with serial lillers. There is a genetic predisposition called the warrior gene which is present in nearly all serial killers. That said, the overwhelming majority of people with this gene do not become antisocial perpetrators of violence. What appears to happen is that people with the gene who experience certain childhood traumas have a higher chance than the general population to become killers. There's probably a gene which is present in plenty of normal heterosexual men that can predispose someone to becoming a faggot if they are also sexually abused as a child but without the abuse they turn out normal.

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Women it's 100% choice definitely. Gay men have underdeveloped parts of their brain called amygdala, caused by a brain deformity coupled with (importantly) a bad upbringing. Children with the brain deformity can develop naturally if raised right, and children without the brain deformity can develop naturally whether they're raised right or not.

But someone with the deformity and who does not stimulate and grow this area of the brain will turn out gay. At least that's the latest we know. Things like childhood sexual abuse can contribute greatly to homosexuality in men. But they still turn out straight, with what's essentially a roll of the dice.

We don't know what causes the deformity but genetics have not been ruled out yet. The way kids are raised these days, where boys are encouraged to think like girls doesn't help.

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Women it's 100% choice definitely.

This statement is far too strong. The genetic effects we've found are certainly weaker in women than in men, but not absent in women, certainly not "definitely". This study estimated the genetic contribution to lesbianism at 18-19%

Gay men have underdeveloped parts of their brain called amygdala

This is also wrong. The Savic-Lindström study found that gay men have more connectivity in the amygdala and larger amygdalas. There are a lot of other brain differences that correlate with sexual orientations (INAH-3, differences in the frontal cotex and parietal cortex, etc.). Your comment came across as implying it's all in the amygdala, and that's misleading.

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Wow, your post sounds correct, but what do mean by we? Are you a scientist in the genetics field?

If not, where are you sourcing your statements from?

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a roughly almond-shaped mass of gray matter inside each cerebral hemisphere, involved with the experiencing of emotions.

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do you have any source on this? I am genuinely curious and I would like to read more about this but nobody is even thinking of linking any source.

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You can't prove the negative. I tend to believe it since I never chose to be straight, just am. Never chose to be left-handed, either.

Frankly, don't even care what consenting adults do, just don't make me ("the public") pay for it. That's the argument for not criminalizing alcohol, but also against free healthcare for those who drink themselves to liver failure.

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I never chose to be straight

That's a false equivalence. Being straight is the obvious default, since it enables reproduction. You don't need to think about anything to get the default outcome, but that's not to say deviating from that outcome isn't a preference that emerges from your character (and your character is malleable).

edit: Also, being left handed is a functional outcome. Gay usage of your reproductive organs is dysfunctional, for obvious reasons.

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Explain homosexual behavior in simpler animal species that are not capable of complex thought... there must be something genetic or instinctual about homosexuality.

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Nah, tired of talking to you degenerates.

Enjoy your sodomy.

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No one is born gay

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Listen, I can very tell you that being gay isn't something you choose, because if it was I wouldn't be, I hate being gay and if there was some kind of cure or something I'd do it asap. Fucking hate people who say they're gay just for the pity card, those people should fucking die.

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You didn't get to choose, and to hate your gayness is absolutely pointless and counterproductive.

Nobody gets to choose. Control the things you can, don't dwell on things you can't.

There's probably not a god, and there's certainly not a loving god. there's no reason to muddle the issue even further with superstition. Your gayness isn't a moral failure, its just a card you drew.

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Just because you didn't choose it, doesn't mean you were born gay. Most homosexuals don't choose it, because most were sexually abused as children, and sexual abuse is a very strong predictor of homosexuality, along with other environmental factors.


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The whole idea that someone is "gay" is false.

It's propaganda.

You have sexual, lustful desires towards men.

Will you choose to act on them and defile yourself before God? That's the question.

Sodomy is a choice, just like adultry, idolatry, and stealing.

You are not designed to generate an identity based on sexual desires, you were designed in the image of His and your identity can only be found in Him.

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Those aren't the only options, being born gay and that gay is a (conscious) choice.

The fact is, kids are not thinking about what they want to put their dicks into and that's why they're beautiful innocent creatures. At some point, they stop being kids. They start feeling stuff. They start thinking about stuff. They start experimenting. Sure it's different for everyone, but most of the feelings that lead to homosexuality at a young age are caused by significant emotional or physical insecurities. There's some very unfortunate truth to the voat idea that "homosexuals reproduce through abuse". Sexually abused kids often turn out gay, though obviously there are plenty more ways to have a bad childhood. It's not a choice, but it's not something you're born with unless you're born with an extremely strong character disposition.

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Do you have a scientific basis for that claim?

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The Media wants to know. Otherwise they'd be responsible for turning everyone gay.

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No, homosexuality is a birth defect.

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It can be induced, mk ultra gay.

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No, it's not. It's a developmental defect that takes place during puberty, usually due to abuse or an otherwise unhealthy environment.

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They already don't have a problem with aborting female babies, even though they call it womens rights.

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I certainly hope female babies are born at 70% the rate of male babies.

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That would empower man, reducing females number weakens the manosphere.

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HATE CRIME!!! You know damn well there is a double standard for these folk...they'd rather the heterosexual mother die than abort a gay fetus.

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It is not even a double standard, it is no standard.

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I think the left got what they want and also backed themselves into a corner where they can’t push this on the basis of gender equality. What makes them think a parent doesn’t have full rights to abortion if the baby is gay? They will have to just deal with the millions of gay abortions.

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I'd be okay with aborting a fœtus if scientists had reason to believe it would be a mumble rapper

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If anything they would abort the straight ones in order for quotas.

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Yes, it should be mandatory, but only when the faggot baby is 225 months old or older.

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