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if the Media dug into it it would expose the elites involvement in it and they don't want that

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In other words the Clintons were involved

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if it involves the suffering of children it would be a safe bet that the Clintons play a part in it. I would be more interested in knowing how many actually DON'T have ties with the clintons. Hell the El Chapo case seems to be leading back not just to the former pres of Mex. but also American politicians. I really wish they released the names of who is working with him and then check where they have planted their flag in the wall debate.

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You have no idea...

The guy was connected with pretty much every top artist and actor on the leading open tv station in Brazil.

There's a ton of photographs of those fucking jews and commies smiling and taking pictures with this creepy old fucker like they knew nothing about it. I doubt they didn't knew, given it was already a rumor in the town for years and employees said they knew, when confronted by the police.

You think the story is being memory hole'd in the international press? it was forgotten in Brazil as soon as the connections started to show...

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Yep and i was attacked by multiple people or bots here on voat? Just strait up personal attacks on me for bringing this subject to light?

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This is so fucky.

It seems like there are a couple of american niggers of the electric jew variety who visited João de Deus in the last couple of years. Theres a link in this thread, you can look it up, though the site is known as a leftist shit rag.

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Pics or GTFO (just added that for Voat street cred)

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Type "João de Deus Famosos" on jewtube or any other jewish search engine and look at images, you probably won't recognize all of them, but they are mostly paid actors and politicians.

Theres also this faggot leftist site saying Oprah and other basketball Americans also met with him and when through the so called "spiritual surgery".


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The dirt under the carpet would show too many rich jews. The witnesses are already "suiciding".

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They were willing to murder the woman who broke the story. Information control is nothing compared to that.

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Thank god some actual voat goats respondee with out attacking me. I was starting to wonder if voat was just bots and shills.

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I’ve considered the possibility that voat is just a honeypot. How many accounts have threatened you?

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4chan has pretty much been destroyed by bots and shills

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I've been dealing with it since early 2016 on multiple sites and platforms. Just remember, when you're being attacked you know you're over the target. Just keep dropping truth bombs on the normies and hope we get enough of them talking about it that it goes critical.

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It's getting to be just as bad as reddit. Look at the pizza gate subverse... it gotten taken over by the corrupt motherfuckers they were investigating really damn quick. Now you cant post anything in there... wonder why?

For something so "fake" (((they))) expend a lot of resources to "control the narrative".

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It’s South American Saville.

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It should be a major story but as usual the worst stories are always covered over because it would expose leftists and colored people as thugs and monsters.

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What's Ophra?

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Some sheboon that can’t wrote so gud.

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Guy called himself "John of god" or some other such nonsense. He was a Brazil version carbon-copy of Benny Hinn here in the USA. Total fake and obvioss flim-flam guy (also he was a jew - no surprise here eh?) but those stupid morons down there all have an IQ between 85-90 so what else are you to expect they ate up his BS like flies to a fresh cow-flop. ? https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/8346590/activist-probe-arrest-rapist-john-of-god-commits-suicide/

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Bill clinton and ophra believed his bullshit too? So is billna genius or a fucking easily duped idiot? He was a rhodes scholar after all so his brain power should be pretty solid. Or was bill fucking imprisomed girls in the mountains to get his rape instincts sated while having access to babys to kill as well? Maybe someone should investigste bill clinton. Ohh shit the lady that broke the story killed her self. Ohhh no lets sweep this story under the rug.

How did you find out he was a jew? I looked couldnt find shit but every single aspect of that faggots life screamed jew?

I normaly dont ask for sources but id like to have one for this kike

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How did you find out he was a jew?

Obscure Spanish language blog from one of his followers in Brazil claimed he held an Israeli Passport and/or Dual Citizenship. Blog has since been taken down along with many others from his followers who are now ratting him out.

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