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Tell your professor, racism is earned. Niggers earn racism.

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Best answer.

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Well thank you, I was in grade school when this opinion formed.

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Or you could just call your professor a nigger....

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and not to mention, niggers think it is cool to be Niggers, they think it is cool to steal and destroy shit and not hold a job or not be able to read

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They literally use "acting white" as an insult.

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And kikes.

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No juice were I grew up, but they earned it later on in life.

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It is never worth arguing with a professor. It doesnt help you in any way. They are only there to sign off that you retained information they gave you.

Dont shoot yourself in the foot trying to change the mind of fucking professors of all people.

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All of the answers here are correct imo - it's very natural...but this is the best advice to follow. Get your schooling done and then you can try to change society. You surely won't change his ignorant mind, but you will certainly change your grade.

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Oh, I'm not there to debate, I'm just there to get the grade and move on. I'm not going to change his mind.

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You could red pill the classmates with a genuine question of evidence/studies that sorry it is a natural evolutionary response, and say you respectfully disagree with him if he gets heated.

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well, that's why he's asking HERE. And it's a good question.

Tribalism clearly is genetic. The way the negroes behave clearly is genetic. Look at Africa: where/when it was white, they accomplished great things, like the Pyramics, or scientific/engineering that we still don't understand today. But then the North got overrun by Pisslam, and the sub-Saharan parts all were black, and it all went to shits.

Racism is indeed a human-made concept. I think what you mean is what we call race-realism.

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I assumed it was rhetorical.

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this right here is best advice. do the course keeping in mind that its bullshit and get the mark then make fun of the retard. Not before.

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It's called ethnocentrism, which is natural. Like animals, people trust those who look like them. I'd say that everyone in the world is racist to some degree.

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Just like if you play guitar, you're gonna like other guitarists more.

It just makes sense.

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When niggers are racist it's heroic, not shameful. So sez da jooz.

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In-Group preference is natural. Racism is just a dismissive term for unpopular opinions which form through experience.

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Ironically, in-group preference is even acknowledged by psychologists as normal. But as soon as you consider race, then they lose their shit.

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AI doesn't even have the experience, but through the data it's fed, becomes "racist" too. Race realism is backed by this data.

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Racism is natural and it is learned. Black people especially are universally despised around the world by Asians, Arabs, And even other blacks.

In my opinion, the less evolved hominid apes such as native Americans, Australian aboriginals, and Sub-Saharan Africans are naturally feared, much like western would fear a chimp or a gorilla. Our brains are very sophisticated in ways that science doesn't even understand yet. If children naturally fear blacks, then racism is natural.

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Or course it's natural. Kids have a natural aversion to niggers before they can even walk. Animals are always more comfortable being around their own race/breed.

It's common sense and your teacher is an idiot

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You know what's funny, even black kids see niggers as bad and gravitate towards white people.

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Tommy Sotomayor, perhaps one of like five of the "mythical based negroes" on earth, talks about this at length. He has a saying about groups of niggers: "Where there is more than 3, you won't find me." He says this is because whenever niggers group together in numbers larger than 3, something stupid is going to happen. Someone's gonna get fucked up, property damaged/stolen, or generic nigger drama.

When niggers really try their best to emulate Whites, they can be tolerable. When segregation was ended, it was basically a signal to niggers that "You don't have to even try to act right anymore, just be yourselves"- suddenly the quality of nigger dropped through the floor.

Still wouldn't relax around any of 'em, not even Sotomayor.

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I'm confused, are you a racist or a scientist?

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My parents say the first time I saw a nigger I started crying.

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A lot of academics, often revered ones, have been dead wrong. Copernicus believed the planets had to contain a combination of all the Platonic Solids and drove himself mad for years trying to make this theory work. Many psychologists in the last century believed the adult brain could not "learn new tricks" and we're finding the exact opposite to be true. The human brain is plastic and extremely malleable.

The whole "racism is taught" supposition is based on nothing except virtue signaling. Even if they did a study with infants and proved they had a bias, someone would comment "they picked up cues from their subconsciously racist parents." Many people make a conclusion - then find facts that support it. That's not science, that's belief.

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Racism is taught if you thnk about it. When i see some dumb coons robbing a store, robbing a car, treating me like complete shit, insulting me, openly resenting me, they are in fact teaching me that niggers are inhuman and can go fuck themselves. Like most liberal ideas, they entire premise usually backfires on them

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They did an experiment where they put a rubber snake in the crib with new born babies, and almost all of the new borns instinctively scooted away from the snake. It's ingrained into our brain that certain things are dangerous to us, but I think we just forget about it, and it's always there lurking.

Niggers acting like niggers, and you seeing it, just reopens those dormant warnings.

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That's the Jew programming being undone by reality.

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even babies have a natural preference

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Even black babies prefer whites to niggers.

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