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Tiananmen Square

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Good point, tho.

It's not really a counterpoint though.

In both cases the government makes it illegal to investigate something because they want to hide the truth.

In china's case, it's the existence of an event. In western countries' case, it's the non-existence of an event.

But it's the same principal.

When the government is policing speech, it's hiding some shit.

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Holy shit. The Holocaust is the West's Tiananmen Square... only in reverse.

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Jesus Christ, this is a cruel but accurate shower thought.

Except we have videos of Tiananmen square protests and aftermath.

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Wrong, Tiananmen Square is just heavily censored but their is no such laws to deny or claim that it happened.

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Interestingly, I've met Chinese university exchange students who have never heard of Tiananmen Square.

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So why is a chink arrested when he so much as sees the string of characters: 1989年天安門廣場大屠殺

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In that case, the government is hiding it's crimes, in the holohaux, it is governments that are taken over using fake war crimes to overshadow the real jew war crimes.

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In my country it's illegal to deny the (((holocaust))) and yet communists every year laugh at, ridicule and deny the genocide of our nationals at the hands of the yugoslav partisans.

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yeah, i remember being at a book fair and seeing two elderly jews hand out communist propaganda. I asked them why it was okay to be a communist when communists killed more people than Nazis. they told me it was a lie. Someone should should those two old buzzards.

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"communists" describes only an economic philosophy. the "Nazis" were a political party with points of view on a wide range of topics.

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Someone should should those two old buzzards.

They should.

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Exactly. In Slovenian forests, you can't dig a few meters down without finding bones of murdered Croatians, and some of the traitorous commie buffoons that sit in our Parliament still say everything fron "that didn't happen" to "we didn't kill them enough" . Hell those communists threw live people in mineshafts and sealed them and you have people that support that shit 80 years later

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I'm italian and i'm talking about the foibe, but still i know there are other cases

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Because those 17 countries are controlled by jews behind the scenes.

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The even sadder truth is that is White Europeans allow it. That’s the real reason. We are too tolerant.

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I think the key is most whites think Jews are just funny looking whites. And in a lot of cases, the jew parasite has crept in that he is indestingushable physically.

To those who know the nose, it shows. But to others, they dont see. Once the lens of truth has been found, the Jewish infiltration becomes undeniable

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All they did is create money out of thin air and then buy off your politicians.

I won't call that controlling, it's just too many shekel worshippers everywhere. These people are simple minded, you give them money for them to vote for certain things. These politicians do not think that they're controlled, they're merely selling their votes to the highest bidder, in practice this usually means to the globalist banker money printer. It's simple business, nothing else.

It's kinda crazy how you think about it... that most people are slaves to money.

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Imagine if the Bush administration had made it illegal to question the official story of 9/11.

Imagine how many total blue-pilled shitlibs would take that as undeniable proof of fakery.

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Imagine if the Bush administration had made it illegal to question the official story of 9/11.

Social Media and Youtube are already memoryholeing the counterpoints and questions. I wouldn't be surprised the CIA/Shadow Government is behind that.

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Like what was done with Sandy Hook?

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Imagine someone would have questioned that people getting shot in their head from the front mystically shake their head to the front, contrary to all laws of physics and the conservation of momentum as we know.

There's only one of these three things true: the official version of the JFK murder is wrong, the Zapruder film is a complete forgery or the conservation of momentum and physics are wrong. Your pick.

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Imagine something so true, that laws had to be made to imprison those who question it. (Can make t-shirts with the above quote and wear them, since they do not explicitly say whether the reference is to Holohoax in Europe, or to the Qu'ran in Saudi Arabia)

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Needs to be more succinct: "Imagine something so true, that it is question it." or something like that.

along the lines of "Statism: Ideas so good, they have to be mandatory."

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We'll probably never know what all has been changed. We're only allowed to look through the window they give us.

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True, and most people will only look through the window presented to them.

David Irving was very meticulous in his research and I highly recommend his books if WW2 is of interest.

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Dang must be good, lol. Check out this thread:


Will read it tonight or tomorrow.

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We'll probably never know what all has been changed. We're only allowed to look through the window they give us.

All of it. We have plenty of forensic information that proves every word of the narrative is a lie. We have German documents and photographs which show what actually happened. Literally everything is a hoax.

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This important little fact has been the cause of many new “Anti-Semites.”

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In the digital age of information, not being allowed to talk about history is a big wake-up for many.

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illegal to even re-examine the holocaust

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